Hobbes USA NETFinder Plus (RoHS Compliant)

(Model # 256777-R)
Hobbes USA NETFinder Plus (RoHS Compliant)
Hobbes USA

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The NETfinder Plus is a versatile and convenient tester; it can test both network and telephone cables. The NETfinder Plus includes a tone generator, port finder, cable organizer and memorized quick tester.

The NETfinder Plus tests for all standard wiring faults and displays the results via a pin to pin method. The fault status is displayed on a large alphanumeric LED display and 9 additional LEDs indicate the corresponding tested wires.

NETFinder Features:
  • All-in-one tester: Tests network and telephone cables
  • Includes tone generator, port finder, cable organizer, and quick test
  • Tests for the following wiring faults: Opened, shorted, reversed, crossed, and split pairs
  • Pin to pin indication (net cable)
  • Tests for wiring faults of short and open (telephone cable)
  • Verification of shield/ground integrity
  • Multi-Split pair faults detection at 3M (9.8 Ft) to 150M (490 Ft) cable length
  • Cable organizer: 8 numbered remote IDs for organizing 8 cable locations
  • Port finder: Locates the Switch/hub for the corresponding port
  • Quick test: Memorizes a cables pin out and tests for mass cables
  • Remote unit enables one person to test installed cables
  • Easy to read alphanumeric LED faults display