Hubbell Snap-Fit Recessed RCA Pass-Through Connector

Hubbell Snap-Fit Recessed RCA Pass-Through Connector

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Snap-Fit Recessed RCA Pass-Through Connector is the perfect solution for video applications requiring flush mounting.
  • Installs with a snap
  • Provides quick, easy “push-on” termination on station side
  • Seamless hubbell system integration
  • Universal keystone design fits in all hubbell products
  • High quality gold plating
  • Recessed connection designed for poke-through applications
  • Deliver composite, component or digital signals
  • AV Connector Type: RCA gold, recessed, pass-through
  • Body: Brass, Gold-Plated: 2 micro-inch
  • Performance Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Mating Cycles: 500+
  • Housing Material: Flame-retardant polymer
  • Cable Type: Coax 75 Ohm, RG6, RG59, mini-coax, RCA patch cords
  • Mounts into all iStation faceplates, surface mount boxes, modules, frames, hubbell delivery system products, and iStation UDX multimedia panels
  • Available with 7 standard insulator colors and 7 housing colors
  • RoHS compliant
SKU Insulator Color Housing Color Quantity
SFRCBKRAL-25PK Black Almond Pack of 25
SFRCBKRLA-25PK Black Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCBKRBK-25PK Black Black Pack of 25
SFRCBKREI-25PK Black Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCBKRGY-25PK Black Gray Pack of 25
SFRCBKROW-25PK Black Office White Pack of 25
SFRCBKRW-25PK Black White Pack of 25
SFRCBRAL-25PK Blue Almond Pack of 25
SFRCBRLA-25PK Blue Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCBRBK-25PK Blue Black Pack of 25
SFRCBREI-25PK Blue Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCBRGY-25PK Blue Gray Pack of 25
SFRCBROW-25PK Blue Office White Pack of 25
SFRCBRW-25PK Blue White Pack of 25
SFRCGNRAL-25PK Green Almond Pack of 25
SFRCGNRLA-25PK Green Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCGNRBK-25PK Green Black Pack of 25
SFRCGNREI-25PK Green Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCGNRGY-25PK Green Gray Pack of 25
SFRCGNROW-25PK Green Office White Pack of 25
SFRCGNRW-25PK Green White Pack of 25
SFRCORRAL-25PK Orange Almond Pack of 25
SFRCORRLA-25PK Orange Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCORRBK-25PK Orange Black Pack of 25
SFRCORREI-25PK Orange Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCORRGY-25PK Orange Gray Pack of 25
SFRCORROW-25PK Orange Office White Pack of 25
SFRCORRW-25PK Orange White Pack of 25
SFRCRRAL-25PK Red Almond Pack of 25
SFRCRRLA-25PK Red Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCRRBK-25PK Red Black Pack of 25
SFRCRREI-25PK Red Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCRRGY-25PK Red Gray Pack of 25
SFRCRROW-25PK Red Office White Pack of 25
SFRCRRW-25PK Red White Pack of 25
SFRCWRAL-25PK White Almond Pack of 25
SFRCWRLA-25PK White Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCWRBK-25PK White Black Pack of 25
SFRCWREI-25PK White Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCWRGY-25PK White Gray Pack of 25
SFRCWROW-25PK White Office White Pack of 25
SFRCWRW-25PK White White Pack of 25
SFRCYRAL-25PK Yellow Almond Pack of 25
SFRCYRLA-25PK Yellow Light Almond Pack of 25
SFRCYRBK-25PK Yellow Black Pack of 25
SFRCYREI-25PK Yellow Electric Ivory Pack of 25
SFRCYRGY-25PK Yellow Gray Pack of 25
SFRCYROW-25PK Yellow Office White Pack of 25
SFRCYRW-25PK Yellow White Pack of 25
SFRCBKRAL Black Almond Single
SFRCBKRLA Black Light Almond Single
SFRCBKRBK Black Black Single
SFRCBKREI Black Electric Ivory Single
SFRCBKRGY Black Gray Single
SFRCBKROW Black Office White Single
SFRCBKRW Black White Single
SFRCBRAL Blue Almond Single
SFRCBRLA Blue Light Almond Single
SFRCBRBK Blue Black Single
SFRCBREI Blue Electric Ivory Single
SFRCBRGY Blue Gray Single
SFRCBROW Blue Office White Single
SFRCBRW Blue White Single
SFRCGNRAL Green Almond Single
SFRCGNRLA Green Light Almond Single
SFRCGNRBK Green Black Single
SFRCGNREI Green Electric Ivory Single
SFRCGNRGY Green Gray Single
SFRCGNROW Green Office White Single
SFRCGNRW Green White Single
SFRCORRAL Orange Almond Single
SFRCORRLA Orange Light Almond Single
SFRCORRBK Orange Black Single
SFRCORREI Orange Electric Ivory Single
SFRCORRGY Orange Gray Single
SFRCORROW Orange Office White Single
SFRCORRW Orange White Single
SFRCRRAL Red Almond Single
SFRCRRLA Red Light Almond Single
SFRCRRBK Red Black Single
SFRCRREI Red Electric Ivory Single
SFRCRRGY Red Gray Single
SFRCRROW Red Office White Single
SFRCRRW Red White Single
SFRCWRAL White Almond Single
SFRCWRLA White Light Almond Single
SFRCWRBK White Black Single
SFRCWREI White Electric Ivory Single
SFRCWRGY White Gray Single
SFRCWROW White Office White Single
SFRCWRW White White Single
SFRCYRAL Yellow Almond Single
SFRCYRLA Yellow Light Almond Single
SFRCYRBK Yellow Black Single
SFRCYREI Yellow Electric Ivory Single
SFRCYRGY Yellow Gray Single
SFRCYROW Yellow Office White Single
SFRCYRW Yellow White Single
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