Intelligent Recording Universal Call Recording Adapter 3.0

(Model # XTR-UA3)
Intelligent Recording Universal Call Recording Adapter 3.0
Intelligent Recording

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Universal Call Recording Adapter 3.0 is entry level hardware for desktop recording applications and can connect directly onto any analog telephone line. A recording log of incoming callers and outgoing dialed calls can be generated.
Universal Adapter Features:
  • Our unique line and handset (curly cord) connectivity allows you to get the best of both worlds, i.e. digits dialed and accurate start/stop from the line as well as a balanced signal mix (local and remote end) from the handset connection
  • Universal Adapter 3.0 can also connect to any IP, digital, or analog business telephone at the curly cord handset - Digital 01 is recommended for compatible PBX's
  • A full USB Plug n' Play recorder that does not tie up the sound card on your PC
  • No complex setup procedures are required
  • Comes complete with sophisticated XtR Desktop software and all necessary leads
  • Incorporates Line Current Detect for reliable start/stop of call recording
  • Detects DTMF digits for dialed detection
  • Two flexible inputs for separate local/remote level adjustments
  • Curly Cord Handset and Line Mode connection
  • Wide gain and boost settings to accommodate any telephone
  • Parallel extension recording to record all calls on any phone
  • Compatible with Windows 7
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