Panalog Chrome Call Management Software (Discontinued)

PanaLog Chrome Call Management Software for USB Drive
For Use in the USA Only

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PanaLog Call Management Software is manufactured in the United States and is specifically designed for all Panasonic (KX-T) Digital and Hybrid Telephone Systems. PanaLog provides all users with a cost effective call management solution and an extremely powerful program. Analyze all call activity for Commercial Office, Home Office or General Home Use. Generate reports, search calls by desired criteria, or generate graphs with our easy point and click menu options.
Panalog Chrome Features:
  • Enhanced Analysis and Reporting
  • Built-In Electronic Support Interface
  • Critical Alert Notifications
  • 911 Emergency and Sensor Activity Reporting
  • Fast Track Manager Tool
  • Quick Start Reporting
  • Reporting Capabilities:
    • Inbound/outbound calls
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly calls
    • Individual extensions, all extensions, departments
    • Telephone call lengths
    • Average call lengths
    • Most frequently called numbers
    • Number of rings before call is answered
    • Unanswered calls
    • Account codes
    • Inbound/outbound calls by geographic regions/converts area codes to city and state for more detailed reporting
    • Local, long distance, international, toll free calls
    • Calls over 10 minutes (may be set to desired setting)
    • Logs all Caller ID information: Caller ID service must be activated by your local telephone company and Caller ID card(s) must be installed into the telephone system. Check telephone system requirements for Caller ID capability and output
    • Voice mail call-out logs for cell phones and pagers (insure employees are being notified after hours/weekends and can be useful to verify after hour notification corresponds to employee time card)
    • Cost accounting/billing
  • Applications:
    • FLEXIBILITY - view all the information, or only what you need at the moment; various summary information allows you to select what you would like to analyze
    • Remote workstation capability
    • Supports Centrex, Local 10 Digit Dialing Plans, T1/PRI/SIP Trunks
    • Reports can be saved as a file, printed or exported for e-mail transfer
    • Help menu available
    • Backup capabilities
    • Never an additional cost when adding extensions or expanding your telephone system
    • PanaLog Chrome Supports Windows 2000, ME, XP & Vista Only
    • Free Tech Support with valid PanaLog Serial Number & Registration
    • Insure your Windows PC is equipped with a Com Port. One solution is an internal serial Com Port that is already configured as Com Port #1 that comes with your PC.
    • A PanaLog SMDR cable kit is included in every software box and is already assembled for fast plug-in connection. The PanaLog SMDR Cable Kit provides a connection between your Panasonic Telephone System and your PC Com Port. This is how calls are transferred to your PC from your telephone system
    • 17 Reports/30 Graphs Include:
      • Calls by Extension
      • Calls by Account Code
      • Call Durations
      • Talk Time Averages
      • Calls by Area Code
      • Calls by Hour/Date
      • Line Usage/CO Lines
      • Most Frequently Called Numbers
      • Calls of Longest Duration
      • Call Accounting-Billing
      • Caller ID* or DID*
      • Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls
      • Data Reports include International, Local, Long Distance, and Toll Free reporting; as well as Ring Duration; Calls not answered
    • Can be installed on your existing computer
    • Compatible with the following systems:
      • KX-TDA 50/100/200/600
      • KX-TDE100/200/600
      • KX-NCP500/1000
      • KX-TA824
  • NOTE: Computer Requirements: USA Windows® 2000, ME, Vista, XP & Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit processors, USB Drive, CD ROM, 128M RAM, 150MB free hard drive storage, 9-pin Serial Com Port USA Only
Returns and Cancellations:
  • Due to the specialized Made to Order nature of this product and manufacturer requirements, this product is not returnable and cannot be canceled once ordered.

Plug-n-Play Connection ~ Fast Installation ~ Point-n-Click Menu Options

Powerful Call Management Solution & Accessories All In One Box' Every business owner or homeowner deserves to know what is happening at their facility. Panalog provided every customer that own a Panasonic Telephone System this extra added value of call management and an extremely powerful software program.

Panalog can measure and evaluate all call activity, employee productivity, business growth, long distance bills telephone abuse and much more. Panalog puts you in control and lets you view all call activity or zone-in on specific calls, employees dates, departments, etc., with our easy point-and-click menu options. Panalog allows you to produce powerful reports and graphs in seconds.


Continued Support:

Key Features

  • Monitor Employee Productivity
  • Stop Telephone Abuse
  • Search Call Records By Name
  • View Long Distance Bills Immediately
  • Link Employee Names To Extensions
  • Exclude Owners/Managers Extensions From Reports (Optional)
  • Call Accounting Section for Billing Clients
  • Logs All Caller ID Activity (Unlimited Storage)
  • Converts Area Codes To Geographic Locations (For Easy Call Location Identification)
  • Home Owners: Monitor and protect children. Know who they are calling what time and who is calling them.
  • SMDR & MOH Cable Kits included & assembled (For fest plug n play connectivity)
  • Generate 17 different reports B 30 different graphs

Additional Features include:

  • Built-In Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Royalty Free Music
  • 6 Music Mix Style Selections
  • Audio MOH Cable Included
  • SMDR Cable Kit Included
  • 30 Reports/17 Graphs
  • Supports all Panasonic Systems

PanaLog ULTRA Computer Minimum Requirements

  • Supports Windows® 2000, ME, XP & Vista
  • 486/128 MB RAM
  • USB Drive
  • 150 MB free hard drive storage
  • 9 pin Serial Com Port (or external 9 pin Serial Com Port)
  • 32-bit processors


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