Panasonic 2 Port KX-TVA50 Voice Mail System (Used)

(Model # KX-TVA50)
Panasonic 2 Port KX-TVA50 Voice Mail System (Used)

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The New KX-TVA50 is the latest powerful contender in the voicemail industry. Improvements include expandability up to 6 ports and 8 hours of message storage. It has the ability to add an internal modem card so the programming of the voicemail system can be done from remote locations.

  • Product not compatible with Windows Server Series; Now Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Restocking Fee:
    • Due to the specialized nature of this product and manufacturer requirements, returns will be subject to a 10% restock fee.
    • Includes GUI Software
    • 2 ports (expandable up to 6 using KX-TVA502 or KX-TVA503)
      • Maximum 2 port capacity for KX-TA624 & KX-TA824 only
    • 4 hours message storage (expandable up to 8 using KX-TVA524)
    • Automated attendant
    • Call screening
    • Live call screening
    • Remote live call screening (DPITS only)
    • Callback number entry
    • Caller ID name announcement
    • Caller ID personal greeting
    • Caller ID call routing
    • Covering extension
    • Custom service
    • Direct mailbox access (DPITS and APITS)
    • Email integration with the use of a LAN card (Model # KX-TVA594)
    • Enhanced message notification
    • External message delivery
    • Fax detection
    • Holiday service
    • Intercom paging
    • Interview service
    • Voice mail service
    • DTMF dialing method
    • Flash time - 100/300/600/900 msec (programmable)
    • CPC detection - None/6.5/150/300/450/600 msec (programmable)
    • Type of line - loop start
    • 2 - 5 digits extension numbering (programmable)
    • Pause time - 100ms to 9900ms
    • Light message waiting lamp
    • Main CPU - 32-bit microprocessor
    • Up to 64 mailboxes
    • Unlimited number of messages
    • Up to 360 second personal greeting message length
    • 1 - 30 days or unlimited system message retention time (programmable)
    • 1 - 60 minute maximum message length (programmable)
    • 2 conductor telephone line integration with modular connector (RJ-11C)
    • USB, LAN (optional using KX-TVA594) & modem data (optional using KX-TVA296) ports
    • Two-way record (DPITS & APIT)
    • Two-way transfer (DPITS and APITS only)
    • Automatic configuration (DPITS and APITS)
    • Dial by name
    • Group delivery
    • Message transfer (with or without comments)
    • Day/Night service
    • Voice prompts
    • System reports
    • Multilingual service
    • Remote call forwarding set (DPITS only)
    • Activity reports (mailbox information, call account, port usage, HDD usage, mailbox usage, fax call, call handling statistics, custom service, message status, subscriber setup, security information, hourly statistics and email)
    • Greetings (after hours / busy / no answer)
    • Internal message delivery
    • Mailbox name
    • Mailbox password
    • Message delivery status
    • Message reception mode
    • Message erase / fast forward / pause / playback / repeat / rewind / save / scan / Skip
    • New message notification
    • Play previous message
    • Private messages
    • Reply to subscriber(s)
    • Time and date stamp
    • All calls transferred to mailbox
    • Alternate extension transfer sequence
    • Auto message move / copy
    • Broadcast message
    • Call blocking
    • Call transfer status
    • Class of service
    • Time synchronization with PBX (DPITS only)
    • Coverage mode - busy / no answer
    • Daylight saving time assignment
    • Department dialing
    • External message delivery status
    • Fax management
    • Fax transfer
    • Personal group distribution lists
    • System groups mailbox
    • Hold call
    • General delivery mailbox
    • Guest mailbox
    • Interview mailbox
    • Message manager mailbox
    • Subscriber mailbox
    • System manager mailbox
    • Message waiting notification (continuous / outdial / pager / scheduled)
    • Multiple company greetings
    • Operator service - day / night
    • Recordable system prompts
    • Rotary telephone service
    • Service access commands
    • System clock
    • System prompts after personal greeting
    • Unlimited message length
    • Digital integration
    • In-band integration
    • PC-based programming
    • Quick set-up
    • System manager administration
    • Utility commands
    • Remote change of company greeting
    • Built-in modem for remote maintenance (optional)
    • Spanish prompts
    • Dimensions: 9-13/16" W x 12-7/16" H x 2-7/8" D
    • GTIN 0037988851607

    Superior features like affordable voice messaging, automated attendant service and complete customization make the Panasonic KX-TVA the perfect Voice Processing System for your growing business.

    Panasonic KX-TVA Voice Processing Systems offer much more than voice mail and automated attendant service. You also get versatile features and options, such as bilingual service and custom service that let you custom design your system to meet your specific needs. Digitally integrating a Panasonic Voice Processing System with one of the Panasonic Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Systems* will provide additional advanced features that are only available when connected to a Panasonic KX-TDA System.

    Expand Your System
    Use the KX-TVA Voice Mail System to its full potential with the Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid System, designed to streamline office communications by organizing your phone lines into a cohesive system and making a host of advanced features available to each extension. You can assign specific lines to each phone, make office-to-office intercom calls at the touch of a button, forward your calls to an outside location, or your cell phone, page all system extensions and much more. So you can tailor your telephone system to the varied needs of your office. This powerful combination of flexibility, high performance and value has made Panasonic Communication Systems top in in Key Telephone/ Hybrid Systems. To learn more, click here!

    KX-TVA Key Features

    • Voice Mail Service
      The KX-TVA50 supports 64 and the KX-TVA200 supports 1024 individual, password protected mailboxes that can hold a programmable number of messages each. Each mailbox owner may record a general message for “after-hours” use, and a “busy” greeting that lets the caller know if you’re on the phone or away from your desk. After receiving messages, the system can notify you in several different ways.

    • Automated Attendant Service
      The auto-attendant answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extensions or departments. Individual extensions can be set up with options for call screening, call blocking, or intercom paging.

    • Interview Service
      Allows you to set up a mailbox that will deliver and record responses up to ten questions. Use this customer-friendly service to take orders, conduct surveys, collect suggestions, or to record requests for appointments.

    • Custom Service
      Often used in conjunction with automated attendant service, custom service allows callers 1-digit access to department extensions, information announce-ments or other system features. For example, a caller could hear a menu as follows, “To hear our daily specials, press one… for directions, press 2…”

    • Direct Mailbox Access
      Mailbox owners can retrieve new messages simply by pressing the Message Waiting button.

    • Subscriber Tutorial
      The KX-TVA makes setting up your mailbox for the first time easy. When you access your voice mail for the first time the system will instruct you to set your password, record your name and record your personal greeting for the following: No Answer, Busy and After Hours greetings.

    • Bilingual Voice Prompts
      All the necessary system recordings are factory programmed in 7 languages, but 3 other languages may also be recorded. The opening greeting can be set to allow the caller to choose a language, and you can even program different incoming phone lines to be answered in different languages – a great feature for businesses operating in multi-cultural communities.

    • External Message Delivery
      Allows you to pre-record a message and specify the phone number to be called and the time and date for the message to be delivered. If the destination number is busy at the specified time, the call can be re-dialed up to 15 times. You can even program in a password to ensure that your message is delivered only to the appropriate party.

    • Enhanced Message Notification
      Each mailbox user can be notified of new messages in several different ways:
      • The message lamp** on your extension will light.
      • Your pager will alert you to call your mailbox.
      • Your pager will display the telephone/intercom number of the caller.
      • The system will call a predetermined telephone number to reach you.
    • Email Integration
      The KX-TVA Voice Processing system can be connected to your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) providing integration with your email. When someone leaves a message in your voice mailbox the voice processing system automatically sends an email to your computer indicating that you have a message in your voice mailbox. The email lets you know, the date and time the message was received and includes the message in a wave file. When you open the email on your PC you can listen to the message and forward the message to anyone using email.

    • Call Screening
      When this feature is utilized, the system records the caller’s name and announces it to the extension user before transferring the call. Each individual mailbox can activate or deactivate the feature.

    • Live Call Screening
      Monitor your incoming calls while they are being recorded into your mailbox and, if desired, intercept the call. You can choose to hear your calls either through your telephone’s speaker or, for privacy, through the handset.

    • Two-Way Record
      Allows the recording of a conversation (or any part of a conversation) by simply pressing a button on your telephone. This feature is ideal for quickly and accurately capturing important or highly detailed information from a caller. Once recorded, you can transfer the content to your secretary or another mailbox. Convenient fast-forward and rewind functions make it easy to listen and transcribe the recording.
    • Two-Way Transfer
      Allows you to record a live conversation into another person’s mailbox.

    • Callback Number Entry
      The system can collect the telephone numbers of your callers before, after, or instead of recording a message, and include it in your beeper notification. The caller’s number will be displayed on your pager, allowing you to contact that person without first having to retrieve his/her message.

    • Caller ID Callback
      When a caller leaves you a message, the PBX collects and modifies the caller’s Caller ID1 information and stores it in the voice mail system, if provided by the telephone company. When you retrieve the message you have the option of simply pressing one key to call the person back using the modified Caller ID1 information stored in the system, making it very easy to return the call.

    • Caller ID Name Announcement
      Now, you don’t even have to look at your phone to identify certain callers. With Caller ID Name Announcement, you can store up to 200 pre-recorded audio messages that will be played through the telephone’s handset, matching a Caller ID1 number that is programmed with a pre-recorded message.

    • Caller ID Personal Greeting
      Up to four personal greetings can be recorded and assigned to specific telephone numbers. The recording is then played when that specific number calls.

    • Caller ID/ DID Call Routing
      The system Administrator can assign up to 200 Caller ID numbers and program them to route the call to the desired extension, mailbox or custom service.

    • Dial By Name
      Allows the caller to reach the intended extension or mailbox simply by dialing the first three or four letters of the extension owner’s last name.

    • Covering Extension
      As an alternative to routing calls to the voice mail system, each mailbox user can set a covering extension that can be used when he or she is not available to answer calls.

    • Holiday Service
      The system can accommodate up to 20 custom greetings for holidays and can be programmed to play the special greetings on those days.

    • Intercom Paging
      Notifies you of an incoming call even if your extension is unanswered. The system will put the caller on hold, and use an internal or external paging function to announce “I have a call for…” You can answer the call from anywhere in your facility by just dialing a pick-up code from any system phone.

    • Fax Detection
      When a port receives a fax call (and a CNG tone is detected), the system will automatically transfer the call to the designated fax extension. This eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line.

    • Timed Reminder Setting
      Subscribers can set a timed reminder and confirm the timed reminder setting from the subscriber service. Subscribers can do the following:
      • Set the time and Mode Hour:1-12, Min:00-59, AM/PM,
      • Cancel the timed reminded
      • Review Current Setting
    • Windows-Based Administration
      Designed primarily for the installer, the windows based programming tool has several convenient options for the system administrator to program and maintain KX-TVA Voice Processing systems. The system comes with an easy to use Windows®-based programming tool that includes a custom service builder. The PC can be connected using the built in USB port or (Internal Modem). In addition, you can also access the system utilizing your Local or wide area network. The KX-TVA Administration can also be done via the web.

    SKU Warranty
    KX-TVA50-USED 30 days
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