Southwest Data Products Multi Function Floor Cabinet Door

(Model # SWE5004-6UPLXBLK)
Southwest Data Products Multi Function Floor Cabinet Door
Southwest Data Products

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Multi Function Floor Cabinet Door provides a secure door option for small floor mounted cabinet to house servers and data wiring devices.
Floor Cabinet Door Features:
  • Various heights to fit under counters & desks
  • 19 inch wide rack mounting unit
  • Available optional doors:
    • Plexiglas (UPLX)
    • Perforated (UPRF)
    • Solid Steel (USTL)
  • All welded steel construction
  • Constructed from carbon steel
  • All welded construction
  • Door frames are constructed from carbon steel
  • Available Colors: Black and IBM White
SKU Size Door Color
SWE5004-26UPLXBLK 23"W x 48"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-26UPLXW 23"W x 48"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-26UPRFBLK 23"W x 48"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-26UPRFW 23"W x 48"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-26USTLBLK 23"W x 48"H Steel Black
SWE5004-26USTLW 23"W x 48"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-36UPLXBLK 23"W x 65.5"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-36UPLXW 23"W x 65.5"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-36UPRFBLK 23"W x 65.5"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-36UPRFW 23"W x 65.5"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-36USTLBLK 23"W x 65.5"H Steel Black
SWE5004-36USTLW 23"W x 65.5"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-42UPLXBLK 23"W x 76"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-42UPLXW 23"W x 76"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-42UPRFBLK 23"W x 76"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-42UPRFW 23"W x 76"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-42USTLBLK 23"W x 76"H Steel Black
SWE5004-42USTLW 23"W x 76"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-12UPLXBLK 23"W x 24"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-12UPLXW 23"W x 24"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-12UPRFBLK 23"W x 24"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-12UPRFW 23"W x 24"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-12USTLBLK 23"W x 24"H Steel Black
SWE5004-12USTLW 23"W x 24"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-15UPLXBLK 23"W x 29.25"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-15UPLXW 23"W x 29.25"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-15UPRFBLK 23"W x 29.25"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-15UPRFW 23"W x 29.25"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-15USTLBLK 23"W x 29.25"H Steel Black
SWE5004-15USTLW 23"W x 29.25"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-18UPLXBLK 23"W x 36"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-18UPLXW 23"W x 36"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-18UPRFBLK 23"W x 36"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-18UPRFW 23"W x 36"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-18USTLBLK 23"W x 36"H Steel Black
SWE5004-18USTLW 23"W x 36"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-9UPLXBLK 23"W x 18.75"H Plexiglass Black
SWE5004-9UPLXW 23"W x 18.75"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-9UPRFBLK 23"W x 18.75"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-9UPRFW 23"W x 18.75"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-9USTLBLK 23"W x 18.75"H Steel Black
SWE5004-9USTLW 23"W x 18.75"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-6UPLXW 23"W x 13.5"H Plexiglass IBM White
SWE5004-6UPRFBLK 23"W x 13.5"H Perforated Black
SWE5004-6UPRFW 23"W x 13.5"H Perforated IBM White
SWE5004-6USTLBLK 23"W x 13.5"H Steel Black
SWE5004-6USTLW 23"W x 13.5"H Steel IBM White
SWE5004-6UPLXBLK 23"W x 13.5"H Plexiglass Black
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