Channel Vision 6002 Color Camera with Flush Mount Housing
Model # 6002-FMC-II

6002 color camera with flush mount housing....Read More

Channel Vision Micro Modulator
Model # E1200

Our E-1200 is the finest miniature digital RF modulator available today and accepts one audio/video input for modulation onto the channel of your choice. Channel Visionís digital circuitry provides fo...Read More

Channel Vision Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier
Model # A0240

Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier offers in-room amplification for the system....Read More

Channel Vision Volume Control Keypad For Cressendo
Model # A0125

Volume Control Keypad is the primary control device for the Cressendo high-powered CAT5 audio system....Read More

Channel Vision CAT5 Camera Sequencer
Model # P-6014

CAT5 Camera Sequencer is a 4-input, 2-output CAT5 Camera Sequencer and Switcher....Read More

Channel Vision 4-Input Multi-Room Video Modulator with Built-In IR Engine
Model # E4200IR

4-Input Multi-Room Video Modulator transforms an idle TV channel into an internal channel on which the output of any video source, such as a DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver, security camera, or computer...Read More

Channel Vision iBus Wall Dock Made For iPod CAT5 Audio
Model # A0315

iBus Wall Dock Made For iPod CAT5 Audio allows one to listen, charge, and control iPod music and video from any room in a home or business....Read More

Channel Vision Multimedia Cable Amplifier
Model # C-0317

Multimedia Cable Amplifier takes the guesswork out of selecting an amplifier. Built for today and the future, this amplifier is compatible with the widest range of cable systems. Use with standard cabl...Read More

Channel Vision iBus Wall Dock for iPod and Distributed Audio Systems
Model # A0316D

iBus Wall-Dock for iPod is a docking station designed to protect the iPod in high-use applications....Read More