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Toshiba 20-Button Electronic Speakerphone with LCD (Refurbished)
Model # EKT6520SD

Used on Toshiba systems with electronic ports. Same as EKT6525SD. Read More

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Toshiba 60-Button Direct Station Select (DSS) Console (Refurbished)
Model # HDSS-6560

As desired, maximum 3 per DK24, 4 per DK56/96 system, 8 per Perception system. 1 PEKU required for each DSS console on Strata DK. 1 NDSU required for every 4 DSS consoles on Perceptione ex. Read More

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Toshiba Headset/HESB Control Unit
Model # BHEU

Adds headset/loud ringing bell jack to DKT3000 series telephones. One per EKT or DKT telephone unit. Connects into telephone. To install, unscrew base of phone, insert BHEU and reattach base. Please se...Read More

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Toshiba Desi Blank Paper Keystrips for EKT (6500 Series) Phones and Consoles
Model # KS-EKT6-20

Used on Toshiba EKT series phones and consoles. 3 strips per sheet. Read More

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Toshiba Clear Plastic EKT Keystrip Cover (6500 Series)
Model # 27975285

As desired for 6500-series electronic telephones and consoles. Console requires 3 keystrip covers. Read More

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