Allen Tel Emergency Speakerphone with Automatic Dialer

(Model # GB555SND-ADA)
Allen Tel Emergency Speakerphone with Automatic Dialer
Allen Tel
Shown mounted in a GB62247 Outlet Box!

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Allen Tel Products make it easy for you to comply with the American Disabilities Act as it applies to Hall And Elevator Telephones.
  • PUSH BUTTON: A push and release push-button activates the single number dial or a ring-down line to connect the speakerphone to the emergency operator
  • 2 Minute Auto Disconnect (Time Out) is provided
  • BRAILLE LABELS: For those with impaired sight, A Braille label marked "Telephone" Identifies the product. A braille label on the push-button marked "Push" Completes the instruction
  • LAMPS: Two LED lamps are provided for the hearing impaired. The “ON” LED lights up when the push-button is depressed indicating the call is being activated (off-hook condition). The "Help On The Way" LED is controlled by the emergency operator (dispatcher) and provides visual confirmation by pressing the * key.
  • I.D. TONES: A three digit tone signal is automatically transmitted to the emergency operator to indicate the location of the caller
  • AUTO ANSWER: The operator may initiate a call to the telephone monitor for indications of a suspected emergency
  • SPECIFICATIONS: All units are designed to meet requirements of the American Disabillity Act. The standard finish is black-textured, baked-on enamel, Other colors available with special order
  • Unless replacing an existing GB555SND-ADA, a GB30618, GB62247 and GB62248 are required for first time installation
I) Programming

Speakerphone must be programmed remotely from a separate line, using any Touchtone Telephone.

  • Note: During program mode, a beep must be heard before programming, phone can be disconnected at any time by pressing *, #, *, *.

    1. To Program Auto Dial (SND)
      Press #, #, 9, enter phone number *, #.
    2. To Program Auto Dial behind a PBX
      Press #, #, 9, 9, #, 03, enter phone number, *, #.
    3. To Program Auto Dial with ID Tones
      Press #, #, 9, enter phone number, #, 15, enter ID number, *, #.
    4. To Dial a Second Number on Busy Tone, or No Answer
      Press #, #, 9, enter first phone number, *, 5, enter second phone number, *, 63, *, #.
    5. To Re-Dial on Busy Tone or No Answer
      Press #, #, 9, enter phone number, *, 63, *, #. (Re-dial 3 times)
    6. To set Receiving Level
      Press #, #, 61, XX, *, #. (Where XX= between 00 and 99)
    7. To Set Transmit Level
      Press #, #, 62, XX, *, #. (Where XX= between 00 and 99)
    8. Length of Call (Default=2 Minutes)
      Press #, #, 63, XX, YY, *, #. (Where XX- Minutes and YY= Seconds)

    II) How to set your Security Code (optional) by default, phone has no security code setting.

    Press #, #, 76, #, 65, enter 4-digit code, *, #. (If used, remember the numbers)

    III) How to Deactivate the security code

    Press #, enter your 4-digit code, #, 76. (1 beep + 3 beeps= Deactivate)

    IV) Programming Example (with Security code)

      To Program Auto Dial (with security code)
      Press #, enter your 4-digit code, #, 9, then enter phone number, *, #.


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