Avaya TransTalk MDW 9040 Wireless Pocket Phone (108535998) (Refurbished)
Model # 3204-09B

The MDW 9040 Pocket Phone was designed to work with Avaya phone systems including Partner, Merlin, Merlin Legend, Merlin Magix and Definity switches....Read More

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Avaya TransTalk 9031 Wireless System (Dual Zone) (Refurbished)
Model # 3204MDZ

Used with all Partner systems where extended range is needed. Includes 1 handset and 2 radio modules. Each radio module requires connection to a station port on the Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II o...Read More

Avaya TransTalk Carrier (Refurbished)
Model # 3204-CR3A

Used with all Partner systems. The Carrier is needed to synchronize the signal between Radio Modules. Three Carriers can be linked for a total of 18 TransTalk sets (6 per Carrier)....Read More

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Avaya TransTalk Power Supply
Model # 32042

Required for stand alone TransTalk 9031 without carrier. Read More

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Avaya TransTalk 9030/9031/9040 Handset Base with Charger (Refurbished)
Model # 32047

Replacement handset base with battery charger for TransTalk 9030, 9031 & 9040 cordless phones. May also be used as additional charger for secondary charging station. Read More

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Avaya TransTalk 9040/9041 Extended Life Replacement Battery
Model # 3204-EBY

Replacement battery for TransTalk 9040/9041 cordless handsets which provides up to 8 hours of talk time. Read More


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Avaya TransTalk 9030/9031 Extended Life Replacement Battery (107733115)
Model # 32049

Replacement battery for TransTalk 9030 and 9031 cordless handsets....Read More

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Avaya TransTalk Dual Radio Module (MDW 9040 - Partner) (Refurbished)
Model # 3204-DRE

A redesigned radio module (base station) that supports up to two TransTalk 9040 handsets. The new module eliminates the need for the Carrier Assembly units that were required on the TransTalk 9031 phones...Read More

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