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Belden B-Plus Cross-Connect Wire (500 ft.)
Model # XCB4000K500

B-Plus Cross-Connect Wire is intended primarily for use between incoming cables and station equipment in a Telecommunications Room or at a Main Cross-Connect....Read More

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Genesis Cable Category 3 Cross Connect Wire (1000')
Model # 10311099

For all cross connect and voice circuit applications....Read More

Usually ships in 10 days
Superior Essex 1 Pair Indoor/Outdoor Cross-Connect Wire
Model # 02-001-13

Indoor/Outdoor Cross-Connect Wire is intended for cross-connecting points in building entrance enclosures at subscriber’s premises and/or in Outside Plant (OSP) enclosures. Each insulated conductor i...Read More

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Siemon Category 5e 2-Pair Webbed Cross-Connect Wire
Model # CJ5-W2-1000

Utilizes a unique "webbing" manufacturing process which binds conductors of a twisted-pair together to maintain consistent conductor spacing and pair twists that will not loosen during cross-connect installation....Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Siemon Category 6 Cross-Connect Wire
Model # CJ6-W4-1000

Ideal for cross-connect applications up to 5 meters....Read More

Usually ships in 4 weeks
General Cable DSX Distribution Frame Wire
Model # 7026156

DSX Distribution Frame Wire is designed to cross-connect equipment units in telephone central offices and point-to-point hookups....Read More

Usually ships in 10 days