NEC Cordless DECT Telephone Repeater
Model # 730649

Cordless DECT Telephone Repeater is used to extend the range of the Cordless DECT telephone....Read More

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NEC DSX 22 Button Display Telephone (Refurbished)
Model # 1090020

The 22-button display telephone features a large 3 line-by-24 character alphanumeric display with 4 interactive soft keys for intuitive feature access. It also provides 10 personal speed dial bin keys...Read More

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NEC DTR-1-1 Single Line Telephone (Refurbished)
Model # 780020

The DTR-1-1 is a stylish yet rugged analog single line telephone with 5 fixed feature keys and message waiting....Read More

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NEC DTR-1HM-1 Single Line Telephone
Model # 780025

The DTR-1HM-1 provides all the features of the DTR-1-1 in addition to two additional fixed function keys (for hold and speaker/monitor) and 8 speed dial bin keys. For convenient on-hook dialing and cal...Read More

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NEC Cordless DECT Replacement Battery
Model # 730643

Cordless DECT spare/replacement battery. Nickel metal hydride (2.4VDC / 910mAh). Manufacturer's Model # BT-1009 Read More

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NEC Analog Door Chime Box for DSX, Aspire, UX-5000 and DS-1000 Systems
Model # 922450

The analog door box is a self-contained intercom unit typically used to monitor an entrance door. A visitor at the door can press the door box call button (like a door bell). The door box then sends chim...Read More


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NEC DSX Super Display Telephone (Refurbished)
Model # 1090030

The Super Display Telephone is the system's most sophisticated telephone instrument. It features a large 9 line-by-24 character backlit alphanumeric display with 12 Interactive Soft Keys for intuitiv...Read More

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NEC 34 Button Backlit Super Display Telephone with Full-Duplex Speakerphone
Model # 1090023

The Super Display Telephone is the DSX system's most sophisticated station instrument. It contains a large 9-line by 24-character backlit display with (12) Interactive Soft Keys for intuitive feature access...Read More

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NEC DSX Wall Mount Handset Holder (Pkg of 10)
Model # 1091034

DSX wall mount handset holder (package of 10). Read More

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NEC DSX Handset and Cord Assembly
Model # 1091016

DSX handset and cord assembly. Read More


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NEC PGD(2)-U10 Paging Adaptor
Model # 750305

Provides two circuits which allow connection to external terminals such as Door Phone (8 max), External Speaker with Amplifier (8 max), External Music Source (external MOH), or External Recording System. Read More