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Toshiba 4 Circuit Station Interface Unit
Model # SSTU-5

One per Se system when expansion to 8 stations is desired. Expands VI system by 4 stations. Maximum 2 per VI system. Read More

On Sale Now!!!!
Toshiba 3 Circuit CO Interface Unit For Strata VIe, Refurbished
Model # VCOU-1

One per Strata 6e system when expansion to 6 CO/PBX lines is desired. Only available in Refurbished. Read More

Toshiba OCA Auxiliary Unit
Model # HVSI

Off-Hook Call Announce (OCA) Unit. One per EKT where OCA is desired. One HVSU is required for each HVSI. Read More

Toshiba OCA Base Unit (Refurbished)
Model # HVSU

Off-Hook Call Announce (OCA). One per EKT where OCA is desired. One HVSI is required for each HVSU. Read More

Toshiba 48V Power Supply/Ring Generator
Model # MRGU12-A

48V Power Supply/Ring Generator is used with 1 - HOXB on Se system and up to 3 - HOXB on VI systems. Read More

Toshiba System Control Unit
Model # VCCU-5

Spare System Control Unit for Toshiba Systems (one per system). Read More