Samsung DCS 50si KSU (0x8) (Refurbished)
Model # SKSU

DCS 50si KSU including power supply with 3 universal slots. Includes 8 built-in keyset telephone station ports....Read More

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Samsung SMEM2 System Memory Card (Refurbished)
Model # SMEM-2

Stores system software and programming information. Installs in main KSU. Provides 7 day memory protection against loss of power. Required for system operation. Read More

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Samsung EPROM Operating Software Rel. 1.6 (Refurbished)
Model # SSTD-R1-SW

4 EPROMS installed in SMEM-2 Memory Card (SMEM-2). Required. Read More

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Samsung Single Line Station Expansion Card (0x8) (Refurbished)
Model # S8SLI

Provides 8 single line station ports. Read More

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Samsung Loop Start Trunk Expansion Card (3x0)
Model # S3TRK

Provides 3 incoming telephone CO lines. Read More

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Samsung Digital Expansion Card (2x4) (Refurbished)
Model # DCSC-2X4-DLI

Digital expansion card provides two Caller ID-compatible loop start C.O. interfaces and four 1B+D DLI digital station ports. KDb’s cannot be used with this card. Includes 4 keyset user guides. Used o...Read More

Samsung 6 Loop Start CO Trunk Interface
Model # S6TRK

6 Loop Start CO Trunk Interface Read More

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Samsung Analog Expansion Card (2x4)
Model # DCSC-2X4-SLI

Analog Expansion Card provides two Caller ID-compatible loop start C.O. interfaces, four SLI ports for industry standard single line telephones and the ability to provide a loop disconnect signal. Doe...Read More

Samsung Serial Interface Module (Refurbished)
Model # KT40D-B10-XAR

DCS serial interface module (SIM) used for call accounting, system configuration and TSAPI applications. Connects to any digital station port (DLI)....Read More

Samsung SPLL Clocking Card for BRI & PRI Interface Cards
Model # KP70D-BPL

Daughter board required to provide clocking for the S4BRI card and/or a TE/PRI card. If an S4BRI or TE/PRI card is to be installed an SPLL daughter board must also be installed. Only one SPLL daughte...Read More

Samsung DCS Installation & Programming Manual
Model # 1530000

Installation & Programming Manual for the DCS Telephone System. Read More