Samsung 12 Button Speakerphone with LCD (Refurbished)

(Model # DCS-LCD-12)
Samsung 12 Button Speakerphone with LCD
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DCS 12 button speakerphone with LCD display.
Samsung Phone Features:
  • 32 character display (2x16) with three associated soft keys and a scroll key
  • Built in speakerphone
  • 12 programmable keys(six with tri-colored LED's)
  • Four fixed function keys
  • UP/DOWN buttons for digital control of speaker, handset and ringer volumes
  • Eight selectable ring tones
  • Desk- or wall-mounted
  • Available in almond and charcoal
DCS offers two types of attractive keyset models, each available with textured finish in charcoal or almond. All models feature user-friendly operation system. They include tri-colored lights, a wall-mount bracket, long cords and independent volume settings for speaker, ring tone, handset receiver, page announcements and background music.

Key Features:

    Keyphones For All Requirements
    The DCS comes with the option of display or non-display keyphones. The display phone features a two-line, scrollable LCD display and has the option of 12 or 24 programmable keys, 8 or 16 of which have tri-colored LED displays, enabling the phone to be tailored to suit the user's needs.

    The DCS also offers the option of three non-display keyphones--the 6, 12 or 24 button standard. The DCS is also compatible with a wide range of headsets, for operator or call center network.

    Programmable Keys
    Each of the programmable keys can be set to one of the 25 available functions, including speed dial buttons, individual outside line, and call pick-up.

    Context Sensitive Keys
    The integral LCD display of the DCS display phone allows you to effectively utilize the system via three softkeys. The text on the screen shows available functions, depending on the status of the current call. For example, if a call is on hold, or being transferred to another extension, the softkeys only show available options.

    To make a call to a person the directory, simply scroll to the name, press a button, and the number is automatically dialed.

    Speed Dialing
    The speed dialing function of the DCS is like having an integral telephone directory, with the ability to store up to 1500 names and numbers (500 with the DCS Compact). The DCS display keyphones allow the user to view and select numbers for single key dialing. Frequently used numbers can also be programmed for a single key dialing on any of the keyphones.

    Appointment Reminder
    The DCS keyphones with the alarm function can be used to remind users of meetings and appointments. The display phones show the pre-programmed message when the alarm goes off.

    Headset Operation
    Every Keyset can support the use of a headset. In the headset mode, the hook switch is disabled and the ANS/RLS key is used to answer and release calls. Keyset users can easily toggle between headset or handset operation by pressing the headset ON/OFF key.

    On Hook Dialing
    The DCS allows users to make calls without lifting the handset. Once the other party answers the call, there is also the option of using the integral microphone or the handset.

    Off Hook Ringing
    Have you ever left an important call on hold? The DCS indicates that a call is waiting when you are on another call.

    Colored Light Indication
    The tri-colored LED lights on the DCS keyphones allow the user to track all calls being made on the system, both their own and others. Green lights indicate the user's calls, red lights indicate calls made by others within the system, and amber lights show recalls.

    The DCS provides three types of redialing. The 'Auto Retry' reserves an outside line, automatically redialing the required number up to the pre-programmed limit. The 'Last Number Redial' saves the last dialed number for the redial button. The 'Save Number' stores the dialed number for a recall after other calls have been made.

Phone Models by Type:

    DCS 7B
    The 7 button keyset is reduced in size, not power. It's the most practical solution for companies that need to meet the straightforward high volume traffic usually associated with retail or industrial applications


    • 7 Programmable Buttons
    • Three ficed function keys
    • UP/DOWN buttons for digital control of speaker and ringer volumes
    • Desk or wall mountable

    DCS 12B
    The 12-button speakerphone is ideal for companies whose business is telephone intense and growing rapidly. It offers all the features and is recommended for users who don’t yet need all the capabilities of the 24-button model.


    • 12 programmable keys
    • Four fixed function keys
    • Eight selectable ring tones
    • Available in almond or charcoal

    DCS 24B
    The 24-button speakerphone is the premier telephone for maximum call management effectiveness. Phone activity can easily be monitored. This is especially important for companies that are growing to such a size that employees are not generally visible.


    • 24 programmable keys
    • Four fixed function keys
    • Eight selectable ring tones
    • Available in almond or charcoal

    DCS AOM 32
    The Add on module (AOM) provides 32 additional programmable buttons. Add up to two AOMs to any keyset in the DCS family. Use the AOM as a stand-alone intercom unit, room monitor or for our executive OHVA feature.


    • 32 programmable keys
    • Two fixed function keys
    • Executive off-hook voice announce
    • Stand alone handset telephone unit
    • Available in almond or charcoal

    CTI Model: DCS Compact
    The DCS Compact uses Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to easily interface with your personal computer. CTI multiples your communications power a hundred times over. The computer telephony module can be added to any station at any time. Unlike many of its competitors, Samsung has used Digital Signal processing (DSP) technology as the heart of the DCS Compact. This commitment to using only the latest in digital technology has made all the difference. Samsung´s DCS Compact takes a giant step forward in terms of delivering far greater speed and power to provide the tremendous performance benefits that mean added value for our customers.

    Samsung's CTI products enable you to add sophisticated functionality to your phone system by utilizing a data link between the phone equipment and a PC or LAN. This exciting technology increases the ease of making, receiving and managing calls. A PC based operator console, provides a graphical overview of the phone system traffic and simplifies incoming call management, and a real time management and reporting package improves call center efficiency.

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