Legrand/CablofilŪ EZ Tray Equipment

Legrand/Cablofil® EZ Tray Equipment

Start by choosing the right tray width for your application.
4" Deep EZ Tray, 6" Deep EZ Tray, 2" Deep EZ Tray, 2" Deep EZ Tray, EasyPack, more...
Legrand/CablofilŪ Tray Accessories

Legrand/Cablofil® Tray Accessories

Brackets, sleeves, covers & more. Everything needed to complete your EZ...
Cable Label Clip (Package of 50), Stainless Steel Tray Cover, Radius Tee 90 Degree 12" Kit, more...
Legrand/CablofilŪ Tray Splicing Parts

Legrand/Cablofil® Tray Splicing Parts

Splicing and connectors used to connect EZ Trays together.
Elevation Change Hinge, 1" Square Washer Clamp (Package of 50), 2" Square Washer Clamp (Package of 25), more...
Legrand/CablofilŪ Tray Support Systems

Legrand/Cablofil® Tray Support Systems

Support system used when hanging EZ Trays from above.
Center Spine Tray-To-Box Connector for 3" Rung Depth and 12" Rung Width, more...
Legrand/CablofilŪ Tray Under Floor Supports

Legrand/Cablofil® Tray Under Floor Supports

Supports used when installing EZ Trays under raised floors.
FAS Profile Support Bracket, Under Floor Support Clamp, 6" Under Floor Support, more...
Legrand/CablofilŪ Tray Wall Brackets

Legrand/Cablofil® Tray Wall Brackets

Wall mount brackets used with EZ Trays.
FV Vertical Bracket, Cat 30/41 Snap-In Wall Hanger Support, CRP Reinforced Bracket, CS Bracket, more...