Legrand - On-Q 6x4 Basic Value Combo Kit
Model # EN1022

6x4 Basic Value Combo Kit....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q DC Power Distribution Module
Model # DC-PDM5

DC Power Distribution Module....Read More


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Legrand - On-Q IP Video Server
Model # CM1019

IP Video Server allows cameras to be viewed from anywhere in the world, without the need for additional software....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q 75 Ohm Terminator
Model # 364412-01

Terminators provides constant 75 ohm termination and limits leakage of RF on used to unused coax outlets and ports....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Passive Video Splitter/Combiner, DC Passing, 1Ghz
Model # VM1002

It's time to take television to a whole new level. The new premium video splitters from On-Q/Legrand let you experience crystal-clear picture quality on TVs in the home. Whether it is HDTV, Digital Cabl...Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Satellite Surge Protector
Model # 364746-01

Satellite Surge Protector protects the satellite receiver, multi-switch and television monitor from harmful voltage. If an incoming satellite signal would take a hit from a nearby lightning spike, thi...Read More

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Legrand - On-Q 1X4 Satellite Distribution Module
Model # VM7634

1X4 Satellite Distribution Module combines an antenna, catv, and/or an internal network to any combination of Satellite installations using up to 4 coaxial feeds from satellite dishes (LNB's)....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Digital Cable Bypass Kit
Model # 364557-01

Digital Cable Bypass Kit is designed to bypass digital cable set-top boxes for video modulator applications. This allows in-house modulated signals to be viewed on TV’s with digital set top boxes fo...Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Pre-Configured Component Video with Digital Audio Strap
Model # WP1010-WH

Provides HD connectivity with digital audio to any home theater with this pre-configured strap....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q AC Power Kit (Electrical Box, White Duplex Receptacle, White Faceplate)
Model # F7526

The ac power kit includes metal "j" electrical box, white duplex receptacle and white faceplate for a complete installation....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Diplex Filter Assembly
Model # 364218-01

Used at the satellite receiver to split the DBS signal and the cable TV or antenna signal from a Diplex Filter Module or Digital Satellite Multi Switch. Read More

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Legrand - On-Q RF Coax Conditioning Module
Model # 364679-01

RF coax conditioning module supports mounting of RF coax surge protector, low pass filter, and notch filters. Read More

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Legrand - On-Q RF Coax Surge Protector
Model # 364680-01

Protects RF components from transient voltage and line voltage surge. Read More

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Legrand - On-Q 6x4 Basic Combo Module
Model # 364400-04

Supports telecom distribution via 110-style punchdown connections and video distribution to room outlets. Read More

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Legrand - On-Q 12 Port Video Interface Module
Model # 364596-01

Gold-plated high-performance 2 GHz "F" feed-throughs on 12 Port Video Interface supports a wide variety of video services, including digital satellite. Supports up to 12 video connection points....Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Black and White Outdoor/Indoor Bullet Camera
Model # F2284

Give your homeowners peace of mind with the new Category 5 Camera offering from On-Q/Legrand. This innovative line of cameras uses standard Cat 5 wire to deliver a crisp video image, audio and power bac...Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Video Distribution Amplifier
Model # 364725-02

Video Distribution Amplifier which supports telecom distribution to outlets via 110-style punchdown connections and video distribution. Amplified models provide integrated video amplification for cris...Read More

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Legrand - On-Q Agile Mono Modulator
Model # F1001

Frequency modulator allows you to send audio/video signal from a VCR, DVD or other source to any TV in the house through an unused TV channel....Read More

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