Chatsworth Products T-Series SteelFrame 36" Depth Cabinet

(Model # T1150)
Chatsworth Products T-Series SteelFrame 36
Chatsworth Products

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T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet is an affordable, steel cabinet that provides a storage solution for computer, data storage, network, and security equipment in the data center, computer room, and network facilities. Fully-adjustable vertical mounting rails accommodate depth-variable installation of 19" equipment and feature #12-24 tapped holes or square-punched holes to accept cage nut hardware.
SteelFrame Cabinet Features:
  • Freestanding equipment cabinet provides front and rear support for 19”W EIA rack-mount equipment and shelves
  • For indoor use only, in environmentally controlled areas; may not be used outdoors, in harsh environments or in air-handling spaces
  • Vertical cable managers are installed in every cabinet
  • Lockable, reversible doors
  • Doors can be easily removed, reversed to open from the right or left, and can be exchanged between front and rear of cabinet
  • Designed with an open base and a top panel that offers edge-protected cable access ports
  • Lockable, removable side panels
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Full range of CPI accessories complement and integrate with the SteelFrame cabinet
  • 42 rack mounting units
  • Welded steel frame supports 2,000 lb (907.2 kg) of equipment
  • Height: 78 in (1980 mm)
  • Width: 19 in (483 mm)
  • Depth: 36 in (910 mm )
Package Contents:
  • (1) T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet
  • (1) Four-Post Frame
  • (4) Vertical Mounting Rails
  • (2) Removable, Lockable Side Panels
  • (1) “Quick-Release” Front Door
  • (1) “Quick-Release” Back Door
  • (1) Top Panel with Slotted Vents and Six Cable Access Ports
  • (4) Leveling Feet
  • (1) Multi-Bay Attachment Hardware Kit
  • (1) Bag 50 #12-24 Screws (with tapped rails)
  • (1) Combo Kit of #12-24 and M6 Cage Nuts and Screws (with Square-punched rails)
  • (1) Vertical Cable Manager (installed)

CPI Cabinet and Enclosure Systems store multiple servers or various pieces of computer equipment, provide extra security and enhance thermal management or hide cables and devices for a more professional appearance.

Passive Cooling Solutions is the most cost effective and cooling effective thermal management solution on the market. It provides superior equipment cooling performance while reducing your data center cooling energy costs.

CPI Cabinet Systems include the following benefits:

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Exceptional thermal management options
  • Four vertical mounting rails for four-point attachment
  • EIA-310-D-Standard hole spacing
  • High static load rating, ranging from 800 lb to 2,500 lb
  • Large open base for cable entry and exit
  • Complete cable management accessories
  • F-Series TeraFrame and T-Series SteelFrame Cabinets use CPI Passive Cooling Solutions to achieve green thermal solutions


    The M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System is made from aluminum and can be shipped partially assembled in a reduced package size making it easier to move and store when space is limited on the job site. The M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System supports a vast array of potential applications. The cabinet is available in a variety of sizes to match equipment and facility requirements.


    • Available in two widths, three heights and four depths (24 frame sizes)
    • Provides front and rear support for 19” EIA or 23” wide equipment
    • Mounting rails are fully adjustable and RMU marked and numbered to simplify equipment installation
    • Includes one vertical cable manager, baying kit, leveling feet and floor attachment clamps
    • Order with or without a top panel, side panels and doors
    • Top panels have six cable access holes and a vented center area that accepts an accessory fan kit
    • Side panels are solid and include a keyed lock
    • Doors are available in a variety of solid or vented styles, are reversible to open from the right or left and include a keyed lock
    • Aluminum frame, bolted construction: delivers partially or fully assembled
    • Load rating: 2000 lb (907.2 kg)
    • UL Listed
    Each Cabinet Includes:
    • (1) Four-Post Frame (anodized aluminum finish)
    • (4) Vertical Mounting Rails
    • (2) Locking, East-To-Remove Side Panels
    • (1) Locking, Reversible Front Door
    • (1) Locking, Reversible Rear Door
    • (1) Vented Top Panel & Six Cable Access Ports
    • (2) Vertical Half-Height Cable Manager
    • (4) Leveling Feet
    • (1) Multi-Bay Attachment Hardware Kit
    • (4) Floor Anchor Clamps
    • (1) Bag of Mounting Hardware:
      • - Tapped Rails: (50) #12-24 screws
      • - Square-punched rails: (16) M6 and (25) #12-24 cage nuts and screws
      • - Sun Rails: (25) #10-32 cage nuts and screws
      • - IBM Rails: (25) M5 nuts and screws
  • Click here to learn more about MegaFrame M-Series Cabinets.


    Chatsworth Products, Inc., the industry leader in providing solutions for organizing, storing and securing electronic components used in the data and telecommunications industries, now adds the SlimFrame C-series cabinets to its product line. The SlimFrame C-series Cabinet provides unparalleled quality in the areas of design, construction, materials, and workmanship.

    The award-winning MegaFrame® is now available in a narrower footprint. The SlimFrame, designed and offered with CPI Style in mind, assures that mission critical hardware is safe and secure in a package conveniently corresponding to the standard raised floor tile width. Even without a raised floor environment, if space is at a premium and cable management is not an overriding issue, the SlimFrame supports requirements to stack more file servers per row of cabinets. The SlimFrame cabinet system provides an ideal storage solution for EIA standard 19” rack-mountable equipment and is configurable to meet a wide variety of application requirements. The cabinet can bay to any existing MegaFrame to meet the demand for data storage expansion. Multiple SlimFrame cabinets can easily bay together by selecting variations without side panels and using the included multi-bay attachment hardware kit. Bayed cabinets or frames can accommodate the patent-pending MegaFrame vertical cable management ring sections. Three depths are offered: 22", 30" and 36", as well as three height options: 84", 78", and 72". A variety of door styles are available to support different thermal management and security requirements. Standard quick-release doors make it easy to customize the cabinets for doors to open from either the right or left.

    Made from 6061-T6 high-grade aluminum and 6063-T5 high strength aluminum extrusion, the SlimFrame C-Series Cabinet System delivers rugged durability and good looks in a lightweight, easy-to-handle package. A 1000 pound static load rating and 24" width equals more file servers per square foot of data center floor space.

    The SlimFrame can be utilized as a standard four-post cabinet, or, as a two-channel rack by simply sliding the mounting rails together. To create an Open Architecture System, purchase the basic frame without doors, side panels and top.

    A full range of accessories is available to complement and integrate with the SlimFrame C-series Cabinet System. Accessories include a fan kit, sliding shelves, caster set, and vertical mounting rails. Please refer to the product catalog for a full listing and additional product offerings. Ships fully assembled.

    Address your space saving requirements and minimal cable management needs in true CPI Style with the C-series SlimFrame Cabinet System.


    • Maximizes space utilization for storing and securing file servers without sacrificing CPI Style
    • Consumes 24” of floor space to correspond with raised floor tile boundaries
    • Easily bays to an existing MegaFrame to support layout scalability
    • Accommodates clustering for additional growth within your data center environment
    • Provides application and layout flexibility with 486 standard product variations
    • Static load rating of 1000 lb
    • Durable, high strength, lightweight aluminum construction provides structural integrity to support and protect your computer components


    The award-winning MegaFrame Cabinet is now offered in a seismic-rated cabinet solution. Rated Zone 4 compliant to Bellcore GR-63-CORE for Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS), Section, the Seismic FrameCabinet System is able to withstand the seismic stress of an 8.3 Richter scale earthquake.

    Offered in a 19" w x 36" d x 84" h cabinet solution, the aluminum outer frame provides the sound structural environment necessary for sensitive Information Technology (IT) hardware components. With Multi-Mount™ rails, the cabinet fulfills various rack-mounting requirements.

    The heart of the Seismic Frame Cabinet System is a reinforced inner frame that provides increased structural rigidity. The cabinet system is certified to an 800 lb equipment load in a seismic environment.

    The Seismic Frame Cabinet has built-in cable management via an aluminum top panel with four edge protected punch-out ports. Three inches of space between the side panel and interior cabinet houses two vertical cabling ring sections which accommodate interior cable management. In data centers using raised floor cable routing, the Seismic Frame’s open base easily addresses the maintenance of cables for entry and exit while providing optimal top to bottom ventilation for the interior cabinet. For maximum thermal management, the cabinet features a vented plexiglass front door and a perforated metal rear door. Ships fully assembled.


    • Standard 19" EIA Rack Width
    • Reinforced inner frame provides structural rigidity
    • Compliant to stringent specifications as defined by Bellcore® GR-63-CORE Standard for Zone 4 Earthquake requirements
    • Certified to an 800 lb distributed equipment load
    • Aluminum outer frame with steel inner frame delivers maximum strength with minimum weight
    • Seismic bracing kits and a full line of structural enhancement products are available to support a wide range of site-specific structural requirements
    • Internal cable management provides flexibility for wire routing and fits on-site customization
    • Adjustable front to rear vertical mounting rails allow use as a standard 4-post cabinet or 2-channel rack
    • Multi-Mount™ rails provide greater rack-mounting flexibility


    The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet is CPI’s standard server cabinet offering a high quality and fully featured solution for storing computer, data storage, networking and security equipment in data centers, equipment rooms and network facilities.

    CPI’s T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet is available in three styles: T-Series SteelFrame Frame Only, T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet and T-Series SteelFrame with Vertical Exhaust Duct. The T-Series SteelFrame Frame Only offers sturdy, open support for equipment up to 44” deep (1120 mm). The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet provides additional physical security and airflow management by including a top panel with a choice of side panels and doors. The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet with Vertical Exhaust Duct is for high heat density applications. The duct isolates hot exhaust air from the room as it exits the top of the cabinet to improve cooling system performance.

    The T-Series SteelFrame features a stylish perforated (mesh) metal front door with 63% open area and a swing handle latch with a keyed lock for added security. Solid metal, plexiglass and fan door options are also available. All T-Series SteelFrame doors can be easily removed, reversed to open from the right or left and can be exchanged between the front and rear of the cabinet. The cabinet is designed with an open base and a top panel that offers edge-protected cable access ports. To block airflow through the base of the cabinet, a Bottom Panel Kit is available as an accessory.

    Cabinets are available in a narrow (T1) or wide (T2) footprint. The narrow (T1) footprint maximizes floor space and fits over 24" wide (610 mm) raised access floor tiles, while the wide (T2) footprint provides approximately 3" (75 mm) of internal cable management space along both sides of equipment. All T-Series SteelFrame Cabinets include a vertical cable manager and two pairs of threaded or square-punched 19” wide, EIA-310-D compliant, adjustable-depth equipment mounting rails that provide front and rear support for equipment and shelves. Additional thermal, cable and power management accessories are also available.

    Key Features:

    • Support high heat density applications with thermal enhancements like the Vertical Exhaust Duct, Airflow Director, Rear Door Seal Kit, and Bottom Panel Kit
    • Various door and top panel styles support front-torear or front-to-top airflow
    • Available in two widths, two heights and five depths (20 sizes) to fit various requirements
    • Two pairs of square-punched or threaded, adjustable-depth, 19” wide EIA-310-D compliant equipment mounting rails provide front and rear support for rack-mount equipment
    • Welded steel frame supports 2,000 lb (907.2 kg) of equipment
    • Includes a Vertical Cable Manager to manage cables
    • Lockable, removable doors and side panels secure access to equipment
    • Cabinet ships assembled for easy installation; Vertical Exhaust Duct ships collapsed with the cabinet
    • The T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet provides an economical equipment storage solution for computer, data storage, network and security equipment in the data center, computer room and network facilities.
    Used With:
    • Air Dam Kit
    • Snap-In Filler Panels
    • Bottom Panel Kit
    • Airflow Director
    • Vertical Cable Manager
    • External Cable Manager
    • Vertical Power Strips For Cabinets
    • Caster Kit
    • Fan Kit
    • Standard Fan Doors
    • Intelligent Fan Doors
    Related Accessories:
    • Air Dam Kit
    • LCD/KVM Console
    • Lockable Storage Drawer
    • Rack-Mount Cable Shelf
    • KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommet

    SKU Color Doors
    T1150-112 Gray Solid Plexiglass/Solid Metal Rear
    T1150-142 Gray Perforated Metal front/Perforated Metal Rear
    T1150-212 White Solid Plexiglass/Solid Metal Rear
    T1150-242 White Perforated Metal front/Perforated Metal Rear
    T1150-712 Black Solid Plexiglass/Solid Metal Rear
    T1150-742 Black Perforated Metal front/Perforated Metal Rear
    T1150-132 Gray Vented Plexiglass/Perforated Metal Rear
    T1150-232 White Vented Plexiglass/Perforated Metal Rear
    T1150-732 Black Vented Plexiglass/Perforated Metal Rear
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