Samsung DS24D 24 Button Digital Display Speakerphone (Refurbished)
Model # KPDS24SED

24 button speakerphone with 4 function keys and 32 character (2x16) display. Used with DS 616 phone system....Read More

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Samsung S6TRK - 6 Circuit Caller ID Trunk Card (6x0)
Model # KP70D-B6T

Provides 6 caller ID compatible loop start CO ports. Used with iDCS 100 and DS 616 systems. 1 Card per DS 616 system. May NOT be used with S3TRK (KP70D-B3T). Read More

Samsung DS 616 Automated Attendant Option Board
Model # KP816DBAA

Provides a 4 channel automated attendant. Built-in processor (68EC000), 64 Kbyte program memory, 512 Kbyte pre-recorded message memory, 1 Mbyte data and customer message memory and DSP chip for automate...Read More

Samsung Samsung 1 Port Analog Expansion Interface
Model # FKDBS

FKDBS is a single port analog expansion daughter board. It is used with the IDCS 18 and 28 button telephones only. Read More

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Samsung S3TRK - 3 Circuit Caller ID Trunk Card (3x0)
Model # KP70D-B3T

Provides 3 CO line capacity for DS 616 system. 1 Card per system. May NOT be used with S6TRK (KP70D-B6T). Read More

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Samsung RCM2 Caller ID / Analog Trunk Module
Model # KP500DBRC2-XAR

The Samsung R2/CID-Tx Module (RCM2)...Read More

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Samsung iDCS 16 SIO3 Option Board
Model # DS616SIO3

iDCS 16 SIO3 option board contains 2 DB9 connectors (RS232C) serial interfaces....Read More

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