Toshiba Integrated Data Interface Unit (Refurbished)
Model # RPCI-DI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), one for each DKT2000. Replaces phone base. Includes Windows(TM) software. Does not include RS232 serial interface cable. Compatible with Windows 2000. Read More

Toshiba Off-Hook Call Announce Unit for 3000-Series Digital Phones
Model # BVSU1A

One per 3000-series DKT where speakers OCA is desired. Mounts inside telephone. Read More

Toshiba 10-Button 2-Line LCD Digital Speaker Phone with Display (Refurbished)
Model # DKT3210SD

10-button 2-line LCD digital speaker phone with display. Read More

Toshiba DKT 60 Button Add-On Console
Model # DDSS-3260

DDSS3260 Add-on DSS console. Attaches to a 20-button 2-line LCD digital speakerphone. Requires One Station Port. Read More

Toshiba 7 Button Telephone with Speaker Display
Model # DKT3207SD

Digital 7 Button Telephone has an LCD Speaker Display and 7 programmable buttons....Read More