Plantronics H31CD StarSet Monaural Voice Tube Control / Dispatch Headset
Model # PLA-H31CD

A lightweight communications headset for control and dispatch....Read More


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Plantronics StarSet Classic Style Clear Voice Tube
Model # 18093-01

The Classic VoiceTube for use with the Plantronics H31 Starset, H41 Mirage, H51 Supra, and H61 Supra Headsets. Voice tube should be replaced if the tip becomes clogged or damaged in any way. For bes...Read More

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Plantronics StarSet VersaTip Ear Piece Assembly
Model # 25640-01

VersaTip Ear Piece Assembly is a one size fits all replacement ear tip for all StarSet headsets. Most StarSet repairs can be avoided with proper eartip maintenance. Eartips should be cleaned daily an...Read More

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