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Avaya Thumb USB Drive Technology (Refurbished)
Model # 3128-090

Thumb USB Drive (for Storage and Playback of MP3) Read More

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Viking Digital Mass Notification Announcer
Model # DNA-510

Digital Mass Notification Announcer is a digital mass notification announcer, capable of providing up to 2 minutes of digitally recorded voice emergency instructions and alert tones over your existin...Read More

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Avaya Sonorous CD Rom Unit with Generic Programs
Model # 3128-1CD

The Sonorous Model 1 loads audio into high density flash memory via standard data CD burned using MP3 files. This pure digital-to-digital transfer of audio into a high-density flash memory. Simply dro...Read More

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Viking One Minute Memory Expansion Kit (for DVA)
Model # ERAM-60

One Minute Memory Expansion Kit is designed to expand the voice record memory of specified viking products using non-volatile memory. The number of chips required is dependent on the record time require...Read More

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