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Bogen CD Player and AM/FM Receiver
Model # CDR1

CD Player and AM/FM Receiver is a compact, integrated unit that provides a reliable and economic background music source for a sound system....Read More

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On-Hold Advertising 6 Minute Professional Custom Message
Model # 106YPH

Rather than listening to a mis-tuned radio station or dead air, use on-hold time to educate, inform, and entertain clients about products and services. Let our female professional voice speak for you...Read More

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On-Hold Plus Memory Expansion Upgrade (8 Min)
Model # OHPMEM8

Add additional recording capability to your OHP 3000-8, OHP 4000, or OHP 5000...it's simple! Each memory module adds 8 minutes of recording capability to your unit. Just install the memory module in th...Read More


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