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Allen Tel CAT 5e Snap-In Coupler
Model # AT55C-00

CAT 5e Snap-In Coupler is designed for use with Allen Tel ATPNL series of Versatap patch panels....Read More

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Allen Tel Modular Adapter Plug
Model # GB478B

This Modular Adapter Plug is a double tip-sleeve plug designed to fit jacks mounted on 5/8" centers....Read More

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Allen Tel GB128C Line Box
Model # GB128C

The GB128C Line Box is for use where a common battery network is required, such as long loops. Case is removable and grommet is provided for line entry....Read More

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Allen Tel Modular "T" Adapter
Model # AT267

The AT267 Series of "T" adapters are designed for connecting two telephones or associated equipment to an existing jack. All units are Ivory in color....Read More

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Allen Tel Modular Coupler
Model # AT330-4

Designed to allow two modular plug-ended line cords to be connected to one modular plug-ended line cord. The AT330-4 coupler consists of one 4-conductor, 6-position jack with bridged connections to tw...Read More

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Allen Tel In-Line Coupler
Model # AT210

Allen Tel AT210 is an assembly of two back-to-back modular jacks providing a simple means of connecting two line cords together. The AT210-8-PP is wired pin-to-pin for straight through connections. Furnishe...Read More

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Allen Tel Modular "T" Adapter
Model # AT202

Designed for connecting two telephones or auxiliary devices to one modular jack. The AT202-4 has the four contacts of each jack and plug wired in parallel. The AT202-6 is the same as the AT202-4 excep...Read More

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Allen Tel 4C4P Handset Modular Plug "T" Adapter
Model # AT464

Provides means to use two handsets on the same device. Used primarily for monitoring and instructional purposes....Read More

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Allen Tel Auxiliary Power T Adapter
Model # AT304B

"T" Adapter containing one 6-position, 4-conductor modular plug, an 8-position, 6-conductor and a 6-position, 2-conductor modular jack. It is used to provide auxiliary power to telephones. Read More

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Allen Tel Standard Modular Adapter
Model # AT400E

Allen Tel AT400E Standard Modular Adapter is an ivory adapter designed to route two lines connected to a modular jack to two modular line jacks. The unit consists of an integral assembly of an 8-conducto...Read More

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Allen Tel Adapters
Model # AT153AM

A very convenient series of adapters that permit a single line telephone set, answering device, auto-dialer or other ancillary equipment to be connected to an existing 25-pair ribbon connector.The jack...Read More

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Allen Tel Bridge Tri-plex Splitter Adapter
Model # AT173

Designed for use with a line jack arranged for a 2-line telephone system in accordance with USOC RJ14C and RJ14W. The unit consists of a 6-position, 4-conductor modular plug internally wired to 3 modula...Read More

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Allen Tel Triplex Splitter Adapter
Model # AT173A

Designed for use with three-line modular telephone systems....Read More

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Allen Tel 10 Base T Adapter
Model # AT203-TBT

Designed to connect two devices to one modular jack, wired for "10 Base T" applications. It has an 8-position, 4-conductor plug and two 8-position, 4-conductor jacks. Read More

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Allen Tel CAT 6 Connection Box
Model # AT66CB-15

Allen Tel introduces its new AT66CB CAT 6 Connection Box. Developed to preserve the integrity of the CAT 6 performance while adding flexibility in accommodating required changes, or re-working an existin...Read More

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Allen Tel Radio Interference Filter
Model # AT100

Consists of a modular cord stub 5" in length which terminates into a thermoplastic housing containing a 4-contact, 6-position modular jack. A double wound inductor is wired in series between the cord an...Read More

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Allen Tel GB482 Adapter
Model # GB482

Adapts a device, like a handset or headset, with a dual tip-sleeve 4-conductor plug to a 6 pos., 4 cond. Modular Jack. This GB482 consists of a light ash plastic housing, which meets U.L. 94V.O. measurin...Read More

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Allen Tel GB480 Adapter
Model # GB480

The GB 480 Adapter adapts a headset or handset equipped with dual tip-sleeve, 4-conductor plug to a modular telephone or other device. The unit consists of a two-foot retractile cord, an AT4x4-4 conducto...Read More

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Allen Tel GB221 Plug Adapters
Model # GB221

Designed to plug into standard console and switchboard operator's headset jacks. Primarily used for operator training purposes where two headsets can be plugged into the GB221 Adapter for student and instructo...Read More

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Allen Tel GB477 Adapter
Model # GB477

When installed on a telephone set, the GB477 Adapter provides a simple means of switching between headset and handset. The unit consists of a light ash plastic housing 2" square by 1 1/8" high, which contain...Read More

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