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Channel Vision Intercom Unit with Black Metal Screen
Model # IU-0252

1/4" Solid brass intercom unit with black metal screen (oil-rubbed bronze)....Read More

Channel Vision F-Type Connector (Pkg of 100)
Model # 2133

F-type connector. Comes in package of 100. Read More

Channel Vision 6002 Color Camera with Flush Mount Housing
Model # 6002-FMC-II

6002 color camera with flush mount housing....Read More

Channel Vision Micro Modulator
Model # E1200

Our E-1200 is the finest miniature digital RF modulator available today and accepts one audio/video input for modulation onto the channel of your choice. Channel Visionís digital circuitry provides fo...Read More

Channel Vision Dual Woofer In-Wall Center Channel
Model # LCR625

Dual 6.5" polypropylene woofers with butyl rubber surrounds....Read More

Channel Vision Door Strike Relay for TE110
Model # TE110DS

Relay contact that can be activated by the TE110 when the homeowner dials the appropriate touch tone code from any of the house telephones....Read More

Channel Vision F- Connector Tool - Push & Seal
Model # 1015

Push and Seal F-Connector Tool. Use with 2133 and 2134 F-connectors. Read More

Channel Vision Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier
Model # A0240

Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier offers in-room amplification for the system....Read More

Channel Vision Volume Control Keypad For Cressendo
Model # A0125

Volume Control Keypad is the primary control device for the Cressendo high-powered CAT5 audio system....Read More

Channel Vision CAT5 Camera Sequencer
Model # P-6014

CAT5 Camera Sequencer is a 4-input, 2-output CAT5 Camera Sequencer and Switcher....Read More