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Corning Fiber Optic Tweezers
Model # 100312-01

For use with advanced fiber optic installations. Read More

Usually ships in 1 week
Corning UV-Cured Glass-Insert (MM) Connector Termination Kit with Single Cure Lamp
Model # TKT-012R

Termination kit for the Corning Cable Systems Ceramic ST compatible and SC MM UV-cured connectors. Tools plus consumables for up to 500 connectors....Read More

Ripley Tweezer with Serrated Inside Points
Model # RIP-2XX

General purpose assembly tweezer with serrated inside points....Read More

Ripley Tweezers for Access to Dense Areas
Model # RIP-4X

Tweezers for Access to Dense Areas allows the user to access dense areas in micro-assembly work....Read More

Ripley Tweezers for Handling Miniature Parts
Model # RIP-5SA

Tweezers for Handling Miniature Parts are ideal for die attaching, wire bonding, and handling miniature parts....Read More

Ripley Tweezers with Extra Fine Curved Tips
Model # RIP-7X

Tweezers with Extra Fine Curved Tips is designed for working on miniature assemblies. Curved tips allow the hand to rest on work surface for support, which means greater accuracy with less fatigue....Read More

Ripley General Purpose Tweezers
Model # RIP-AA-SA

General Purpose Tweezers are popular for assembly line work....Read More

Ripley Fiber Optic Safety Kit
Model # RIP-FS9500

Fiber Optic Safety Kit is specifically designed for working safely with glass fiber....Read More

Usually ships in 10 days
Ripley AWG Series Anti-Wicking Tool L Shaped

AWG Series Anti-Wicking Tool has an L-shaped head that allows for greater visibility and works well in tightly confined solder areas....Read More

Ripley AW Series Anti-Wicking Tool Bullet Shaped
Model # RIP-AWXX

AW Series Anti-Wicking Tool is a bullet-shaped head grip conductor....Read More