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Aastra A/C Adapter M6000 Series
Model # B0230393

Aastra B0230393 A/C Adapter for Aastra M6000 Series Phones. Read More

Aastra A/C Adapter for M5000 Series
Model # A0346828

A/C Adapter for Aastra M5000 Series Phones. Read More

Aastra Power Supply for M5316
Model # E0230-393E-00-00

Power Supply for M5316 Aastra / Nortel Meridian Business Phone. Read More


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Aastra Foot Stand for 1 - M522 Expansion Module (Refurbished)
Model # P07801

Footstand used with 1 - M522 Meridian Expansion Module. M522 Single footstand for attaching a single M522 to a M5216 or M5316 Digital Centrex Telephone. Read More

Aastra 622 Meridian Expansion Module
Model # M622

The M622 Meridian Add-On Module is compatible with both the M6310 and M6320....Read More

Aastra Wireless Phone Compatible with Nortel M1 Systems (AAS-A1801-0000-16-05)
Model # CM-16

Add cordless mobility to your existing Nortel Meridian M1 system without the need for expensive additional switches, boxes or network gear. The CM-16 supports the Meridian M1 PBX Protocol and emulate...Read More

Aastra CM16 Belt Clip
Model # AAS-D0033-0305-00-00

CM16 Belt Clip compatible with the Aastra CM16 Wireless Phone. Read More

Nortel 4-Port Quad Serial Data Interface
Model # NT8D41BB

Paddleboard 4-Port Quad SDI provides four serial ports between the processor and an external device....Read More

Nortel 4-Port Quad Serial Data Interface
Model # NT8D41BA

Paddleboard 4-Port Quad SDI provides four serial ports between the processor and an external device....Read More

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Nortel Meridian 5008 Desk / Wall Mountable Phone (Refurbished)
Model # 5008

The M5008 telephone combines time-saving and convenience features with ease of operation. As with all sets in the MBS II Portfolio, the M5008 is designed to maximize use of Nortel Network's Meridian Digita...Read More

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Nortel Meridian 5216 (Refurbished)
Model # 5216

Recommended when you need a central answering position or ACD support. Offers unique functionality, making it the perfect solution for call centers or other high-volume calling applications. Combined wit...Read More

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Nortel M522 - Meridian Expansion Module
Model # NT4X43

22-button expansion unit, with associated LCD indicators, providing additional keys for lines or features. (also known as Aastra B02404xx)...Read More

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Nortel Meridian 5208
Model # 5208

This product is MADN-capable, letting you program your set for appearances of other users' directory numbers. Call coverage is simple....Read More

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Nortel M3905 Call Center Phone
Model # NTMN35

This phone is designed to satisfy the specialized needs and enhance the productivity of the most demanding call center agents and supervisors. It includes a direct-connect headset for agents, as well a...Read More

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Nortel M3901 Entry Level Single Line Phone (Refurbished)
Model # NTMN31

Digital phone used with Meridian Option 11, Option 51, Option 61, & Option 81. Single-line entry-level phone used in lobbies or reception areas, cafeterias, hallways, and other areas where telephone us...Read More

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Nortel M3902 Basic Single Line Handsfree Phone with LCD
Model # NTMN32

Designed for light telephone use in areas such as manufacturing, warehouses, and other business environments, this phone brings the display-based interface and handsfree capability to this basic, single-lin...Read More

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Nortel M3903 Enhanced Speakerphone
Model # NTMN33

This telephone is the ideal choice for office professionals and technical specialists. It supports up to four lines and/or features through the two self labeling keys at the top of the display. It provide...Read More

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Nortel M3904 Professional Speakerphone
Model # NTMN34

Multi-line digital telephone, 6 self-labeled, programmable line/feature keys, 5-line, 24-character display. Handsfree with LED, 4 self-labeled interactive soft keys provide access to numerous features...Read More

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Nortel M2006 Single Line Phone (Refurbished)
Model # M2006

The Nortel M2006 Single Line Telephone provides basic, economical communications typically required in lobbies, cafeterias, and warehouses. In addition to one line key, five programmable keys provide one-touc...Read More

Nortel Meridian M2008 Basic Business Phone (Refurbished)
Model # NTZK08AA

This phone is a standard multi-line business telephone for use with the Meridian 1 and Meridian SL100 systems. Eight programmable feature keys provide quick access to lines and features....Read More

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