EnGenius Leather DuraPouch for SN-920, EP-490 & DuraFon1X, DuraFon4X, DuraFon Pro & DuraWalkie Handsets

Leather Pouch compatible with Durafon-BC....Read More

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EnGenius Lightning Protection Unit

Kit provides a Lightning Protection Unit and 5 meters of coaxial cable to protect the base unit. Use on all EnGenius Cordless Systems like the SN-900, SN-920, EP-436, EP-490 and the new DuraFonPro, DuraFon4...Read More

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EnGenius Passive Inline Cable Extender (Reverse Thread)

The SN-ULTRA-ACP is used to extend the length of the coax cable that is supplied with the SN-ULTRA-AKxxL external antenna kits....Read More

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EnGenius Antenna Splitter

The Antenna Splitter splits the base signal equally to two different antennas....Read More


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Does not work with older PRO base units!
EnGenius AC Adapter for 1X PRO UHF & SIP Base Units
Model # DuraFon1X-ACB

AC Adapter for 1X, PRO, UHF & SIP Base Units. Read More


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