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Siemon Replacement 4-Pair Cord
Model # MC-8-005

Replacement 152 mm (6 inch) 4-pair universal plug-ended cord, used with Siemon Modtap and STM-8 test equipment. Read More

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Siemon STM-8 Remotes
Model # STM8-R

Remotes used with the STM-8 Cable Tester....Read More

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Siemon TESTAR - S66 Test Adapter
Model # TESTAR-2

Provides easy access to S66 quick clips....Read More

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Siemon S110 Test Adapters
Model # TAP-110-A4

Siemonís 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-pair S110 test adapters provide a convenient way to test 110-type connecting blocks....Read More

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Siemon UTP Cable Tester
Model # STM-8

Read More

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Hobbes USA NETFinder Plus (RoHS Compliant)
Model # 256777-R

The NETfinder Plus is a versatile and convenient tester; it can test both network and telephone cables. The NETfinder Plus includes a tone generator, port finder, cable organizer and memorized quick tester....Read More

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Hobbes USA LANtest Pro with Tone (RoHS Compliant)
Model # 256652AT-R

The LANtest Pro is a small hand-held tester that enables the user to quickly read the status of Ethernet twisted pair cables. It tests for faults such as open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reverse...Read More

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Hobbes USA SMARTest (RoHS Compliant)
Model # 256653-R

SMARTest is the first pen style tester on the market. It is designed for the convenience to the network professionals; it is lightweight yet ruggedly designed, so it is perfect for field jobs. SMARTestí...Read More

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Hobbes USA NETFinder Pro with 18 Remotes (RoHS compliant)
Model # 256555-R

NETfinder Pro is an expanded version of NETfinder. This Pro version adds the Cable Organizer function to allow it to work with up to 18 remote IDís, which means it can identify hub/switch ports at th...Read More

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Hobbes USA LANsmart TDR Cable Tester PRO (RoHS Compliant)
Model # 256003-R

Multi-functional network cable tester. In addition to detecting basic wire connections like open, short, mis-wired and split pairs, it can also measure the cable length using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer...Read More

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Fluke Electronics True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
Model # FLUKE-287

True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture quickly documents design performance and graphically displays what happened. The unique logging and graphing capabilities no longer require downloa...Read More

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Fluke Networks DTX Cable Analyzer
Model # DTX

The DTX Digital CableAnalyzer Series provides testing and certification of Cat 6 and fiber cable installations. Fast test times as low as 9 seconds for Cat 6 and 12 seconds for fiber. Supports Cat 6 ou...Read More

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Westek Deluxe Tel-Line Tester Pro Kit

The Deluxe Tel-Line Tester Pro Kit allows technicians to troubleshoot Cable Pairs....Read More

Westek Deluxe Tel-Line Tester Standard

The Deluxe Tel-Line Tester Standard is designed for OPS Troubleshooting....Read More

Westek Laptop Kit
Model # KT-290152

The Laptop Kit is a timesaving solution that allows technicians to configure multiple combinations of 25 pin and 9 pin style cables in one portable easy-to-use kit. This laptop kit allows a quick an...Read More

Westek RJ45 to Y Bantam DSI Modular Plug
Model # TC-TR248C

RJ45 to Y Bantam DSI Modular Plug. 8' long....Read More

Westek RJ45 to Y Bantam DSO Modular Plug
Model # TC-TR248S

RJ45 to Y Bantam DSO Modular Plug....Read More

Westek 3 Conductor Single Bantam
Model # TC-200

3 Conductor Single Bantam plug on both ends. Bantam DSX bay or test equipment. Read More

Westek Dual Bantam to Dual Bantam
Model # TC-250

3 Conductor dual bantam plug on both ends. Dual bantam DSX bay to patch circuits. Read More

Fluke Electronics Multifunction Process Calibrator
Model # FLUKE-725

FLUKE-725 Multifunction Process Calibrator is a powerful yet easy-to-use field calibrator....Read More