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Vidicode Soft Call PC Recorder (USB)
Model # SC-1168

Soft Call Recorder USB (Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition / 2000 / XP / Vista). Record telephone calls directly onto the hard drive of your PC. Each gigabyte on your hard drive will hold 240 hours o...Read More

Vidicode Single Line USB Call Recorder Pico
Model # CR-PICO

Single Line USB Call Recorder Pico records from analogue and digital telephones, Skype and from a microphone. Together with the included Pico PC software and your PC you can easily record all your telephon...Read More

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Vidicode Extra Recording Channel for Onyx Line Call Recorder VoIP
Model # 090-01203

1 Extra channel recording channel for Onyx line call recorder VoIP. Read More

Usually ships in 48 hours
Vidicode Onyx Line Call Recorder VoIP
Model # 010-01200

The Call Recorder VoIP brings Voice over IP recording technology within reach of even the smallest application. Record and store all your telephone calls on your PC....Read More

Usually ships in 24 hours
Viking Professional Telecom Recording Kit
Model # PTR-1

Professional Telecom Recording Kit is designed to record both sides of the conversation on a phone line using a standard digital or tape style recorder....Read More

Usually ships in 1 week
NEC Dterm Voice Security Recorder (VSR)
Model # 780275

Dterm Voice Security Recorder (VSR) provides superb fully digital sound quality....Read More