Klein Electronics Inc. Single Unit Charger for 2 Way Radios

(Model # 1-SHOT)
Klein Electronics Inc. Single Unit Charger for 2 Way Radios
Klein Electronics Inc.

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  • 1 Year Warranty
Single unit charger for 2 way radios.
  • Simple-Swap Interchangeable battery pods
  • Charge just the battery, or with the radio attached
  • True Rapid-Rate Charging Cycle
  • Tri-Chemistry: Nicad, NiMH, Lithium Ion
  • Internal Transformer - common power cord
SKU Radio Model
1-SHOT-TK2200 Kenwood: TK2312
1-SHOT-BLACKBOX Blackbox radios
1-SHOT-ICOMF14 Icom: F14/F24/F33GT/F43GS/F33/F44 radio
1-SHOT-ICOMF3 Icom: F3, F4, F3S, F4S radio
1-SHOT-ICOMF50 Icom: F50, F60, IC-M88 radio
1-SHOT-ICOMF3GT Icom: F3GT, F4GT, F30, F40, F21S radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLASABER Motorola: Saber radio
1-SHOT-MOTOTROLAMAG Motorola: MagOne (BPR40) radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLACP200 Motorola: CP200/150/040, PR400 radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLAGP300 Motorola: GP300, P1225 radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLAHT1000 Motorola: HT1000, MTS2000, GP900 radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLAHT750 Motorola: HT750, HT1250, GP320, GP360, EX500, EX600 radio
1-SHOT-MOTOROLAXTS3000 Motorola: XTS3000, XTS5000 radio
1-SHOT-KENWOODTK2140 Kenwood: TK2140/2160/2170/
1-SHOT-KENWOODTK2200 Kenwood: TK2200, TK3200 radio
1-SHOT-KENWOODRELM Kenwood/Relm: Relm RP16, RP99 Plus series radios. Kenwood TK190/260/270/280/290/360/370/380/390/480
1-SHOT-KENWOODTK3180 Kenwood: TK3180, TK2180 radio
1-SHOT-TEKK XT800, XT900, GT80, GT90 radio
1-SHOT-VX131 VX131/132/160/150/180/210/400/410/800/900 radio