NEC DSX-40 KSU System (Discontinued)

(Model # 1090001)
NEC DSX-40  KSU System

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NEC DSX-40 has an initial configuration that starts with 4 incoming lines, 8 digital station ports and 2 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 8 incoming lines, 24 digital station ports and 16 analog station ports, depending on system configuration.
  • USB 2.0 Compatible (Full Speed)
  • Ethernet Auto Sensing Port
  • RS-232 Serial Port
DSX System Features:
  • Backlit Display (Selected Models)
  • Barge In (Intrusion)
  • Battery Backed-up Memory
  • Call Coverage Keys
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Off Premises
  • Call Waiting / Camp-On
  • Call Timer
  • Callback
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Logging (CID with Return Call)
  • Caller ID to Single Line Telephones
Model Specifications:
  • Lines - 4 Base & 8 Max
  • Digital Stations - 8 Base & 24 Max
  • Analog Stations - 2 Base & 18 Max
  • Door Box Ports - 2 Base & 2 Max

What can a DSX-40 System do your your home?
In addition to the many home amenities you've thoughtfully chosen to simplify and enhance your life, NEC would like to offer the same sophistication and modern conveniences for your home communications system.

Flexible Intercom for complete room-to-room calling capability. Intercom is a great way to find people in the house.
If you have a large home and wish to speak to someone in another room or on another floor, without shouting or running from room to room, use Intercom. As an extra convenience, you can page all telephones at once and announce, for example, when dinner is ready. Intercom is also a great security device that allows you to hear what is going on in other areas of your home or to know who is outside before opening the door or gate.

Multi-line Capability to maximize communications within your busy household.
Today's homes have multiple phone lines a home phone line, his and her business and fax lines, etc. The DSX system gives you the capability to use these lines as you wish, by providing access from any room in the house. Privacy features allow you to designate which phones can share your private lines. No longer are you confined to your home office when working from home.

Sophisticated Answering System your personal assistant.
An answering system is a great way to direct calls without having to answer the phone. Since you can have a different menu for each phone line, it's a professional way for home businesses to keep their calls separate from the household. Each user can have their own personal greetings, providing additional information for the caller. You can even allow the caller to reach you on your mobile phone, at the office, or at any other number, by simply pressing a key.

The DSX-40 offers elegant styling, convenience and flexibility for the way you live.
All DSX telephones have a built-in speakerphone, large display, and two-position angle adjustment. In addition, the built-in low-profile wall mount is ideal for use in a kitchen, garage, or master bath. Enhanced models also offer an adjustable backlit display and illuminated dial pad - great for use in low-light areas. With several telephone models from which to choose, each user can select and personalize their phone for their individual needs. Easily create a personal phonebook, choose a distinctive ring***, or program one-button calling to frequently dialed numbers of family members, friends, or businesses. If your home has a data network, you can plug a DSX IP Telephone (with its companion IP Adapter) right into your network. No need to run separate wires and install new jacks for your telephones.


If you have Caller ID service, the DSX system is ready for you. In addition to identifying incoming callers on the phone's display, the following easy to use features are provided:

Call Review and Return Call For each received call, the DSX system stores the name, number, time & date, and who answered the call. The caller's phone number is also available when reviewing voice messages. This allows you to easily redial without having to manually enter phone numbers. Select from a list of choices or have DSX automatically redial the call for you.

Call Waiting** The Caller ID with Call Waiting feature allows you to view the name and number of incoming calls while you're on another call. You can select the new call (and switch back) by simply using the Flash key. This is indispensable when someone is trying to get through with an important call.

Active Call Info Parents can monitor or view the name and number of their child's current or previous incoming calls.

Standard Phones The DSX system also sends Caller ID for both intercom and outside calls to the system's single line ports. This is a convenience when connecting customer-provided Caller ID phones and accessories.


NEC's IntraMail is a full-featured Auto-Answering Voice Messaging System that answers and directs calls, records individual voice messages, and saves the Caller ID number for immediate call back capability. Since IntraMail is integrated within the DSX, an optional IntraMail compact flash card is all that's required for these and many other practical features:

Multiple Greetings IntraMail provides the ability to have a different greeting for each line and multiple greetings for each family member.

Call Screening Listen to a caller as they are leaving you a voice mail message. Choose to take that important call or let them continue recording the message. You may also listen to the caller automatically through the speaker of any DSX telephone in the house.

Conversation Record**** While on an important call, you can record the conversation into any voice mailbox for later review. You can also send your recorded conversation to another voice mailbox.

Message Center Key When important information needs to get through to family members, voice messages can be left in a designated mailbox for group access. Each member of the group will have an assigned key for that mailbox which will flash when a new message has arrived. Using that same key, one touch access to the voice message is provided.

Message on Hold Record an informative message that will play to callers while they wait for you to become available an extra advantage for the home-based business.

Message Notification No need to call home to check for new messages. IntraMail can automatically call you at a designated number (such as your cell phone) when new messages arrive. Listen to your messages or call back later at a time that's right for you. With IntraMail Pro, you can also receive an email or text message when new messages come in, and it can additionally try you at more than one number.

Fax Detection The built-in fax switch will route an incoming fax to your fax machine, saving you the cost of a dedicated fax line. If you have a dedicated line for Taxes, you can still use that line for outgoing voice calls, keeping your main line free for the next important call.

DSX-40 Compatibility
Easily connect industry standard products that suit your household communication needs.

  • Cordless Telephones
  • Fax Machines
  • Caller ID Accessories
  • External Music Source

System Programming
Installers can program on-site from the telephone or from a PC connected to the system's built-in USB or Ethernet ports. Remote programming is available through the Ethernet port.

DSX-40 System Capacity
Base configuration supports up to four lines, eight digital stations, two standard phones, and two door boxes. The system can easily expand to eight lines and twenty six telephones. Cordless DECT range-extending repeaters and standard telephones are also available.

*Requires subscription to name/number Caller ID service offered by your provider.
**Requires Caller ID with Call Waiting service offered by your provider.
***Distinctive ring tones are only available with DSX proprietary phones.
****Recording of phone calls is subject to varying state and federal laws.
*****Capacities listed are system maximums and may be limited by system configuration.

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