NEC SL1100 Expansion KSU

(Model # 1100011)


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SL1100 Expansion KSU (0 x 8 x 4). Manufacturer's Model # IP4NA-1228ME-B EXP.
Includes the following hardware components:
  • Expansion Card EXIFE-C1
  • 8 Digital x 4 Analog Station Board 084M-B1
  • Power Supply & AC Cable
  • Analog station ringing supply & MW lamp driver
  • Cat 5 cable & ferrite core for connection to Main KSU Provides thirty-two (32) Telephony resources (DTMF/DT/Busy/FSK CID)
Card/Daughter Board slots:
  • Two (2) Slots for Station and PRI Cards
  • One (1) Slot for CO Trunk Card (on the 084M-B1 Card)
  • One (1) Slot for expansion card
  • Four (4) 8-conductor jacks for trunk/station connections
  • 8-conductor jack for (2) General Purpose Relays
  • Three (3) Audio jacks for MOH/BGM/External Paging
  • 2-pin connector for external battery backup

Note: Two (2) of the 084M analog station ports can be assigned to Doorboxes or external sensor devices.