Toshiba Clear Plastic DKT Keystrip Covers

(Model # 27983290)


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Replacement clear plastic keystrip cover for Toshiba DKT series telephones. DSS consoles require 3 keystrips each.
SKU Phone Model Quantity
27983294-10PK DKT2010 Pack of 10
27983294-5PK DKT2010 Pack of 5
27983294-15PK DKT2010 Pack of 15
27983295-15PK DKT2020/DADM2020/DDSS2060 Pack of 15
27983295-10PK DKT2020/DADM2020/DDSS2060 Pack of 10
27983295-5PK DKT2020/DADM2020/DDSS2060 Pack of 5
DKT3010 KEYSTRIP COVER-5PK DKT3010 Pack of 5
DKT3010 KEYSTRIP COVER-10PK DKT3010 Pack of 10
DKT3010 KEYSTRIP COVER-15PK DKT3010 Pack of 15
DKT3020 KEYSTRIP COVER-15PK DKT3020/DADM3020/DDSS3060 Pack of 15
DKT3020 KEYSTRIP COVER-10PK DKT3020/DADM3020/DDSS3060 Pack of 10
DKT3020 KEYSTRIP COVER-5PK DKT3020/DADM3020/DDSS3060 Pack of 5