Chatsworth Products OnTrac Wire Mesh Cable Tray Pedestal Clamp Bracket

(Model # 34737-501)
Chatsworth Products OnTrac Wire Mesh Cable Tray Pedestal Clamp Bracket
Chatsworth Products

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  • $16.79

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  • Usually ships in 2 weeks
Pedestal Clamp Bracket is used with the L Support Bracket or Under Floor C Bracket to support wire mesh cable tray from access floor pedestals under an access floor.
Pedestal Clamp Bracket Features:
  • Use one Pedestal Clamp Bracket to attach a 16”W (400 mm) or smaller L Support Bracket to an access floor pedestal; floor height must be at least 12” (300 mm)
  • Use one Pedestal Clamp Bracket to attach an Under Floor C Bracket to an access floor pedestal; floor height must be at least 15” (380 mm)
  • Pedestal Clamp Bracket attaches to 1” to 2” round pedestals
  • Manufactured from steel
  • Sold individually

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