Vertical-Vodavi Starplus STSe Enhanced Phone System (4x8x2) (Refurbished)

(Model # 3501-00)
Vertical-Vodavi Starplus STSe Enhanced Phone System (4x8x2)

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The Starplus STSe enhanced phone system. Configured for 4 CO lines, 8 telephone stations and 2 analog station ports. Called the STSe (e is for "enhanced"), this new master cabinet adds a host of new features and conveniences to support both dealers and end users.

For existing customers who would like to enjoy the features of the new STARPLUS STSe, the KSU must be upgraded by replacement, but the station and line boards can be retained.

  • Flash ROM - system software is now FLASH based and may be uploaded/downloaded by PC
  • Last number redial
  • BackLit display phones
  • Fax detection
  • Relay activation - ideal for applications such as apartment buildings, gate entrances access etc
  • Call coverage - allows users to answer calls for other stations / great option for a back-up operator or service department
  • Virtual stations - used for special applications, such as ringing assignments to an extension that does not exist on the telephone switch
  • Daylight savings - automatically update system time to reflect the time changes
  • Tenant groups - may be configured to operate as if up to 10 companies independently exist at a single location
  • Hunt group overflow
  • Hunt group member increase to 24
  • Route table enhancements
  • Page zone increase to 20
  • Park zone increase to 14
  • Pickup zone increase to 20
  • Station preset forward enhancements (Day/Night/Special)
  • DND forward
  • PBX/Centrex compatible
  • Supports full or fractional T1
  • 4 additional CO lines available when T1 is used
  • In-Skin voicemail does not reduce system capacity
  • Digital or analog station support
  • Requires 2 Amphenol cables (1 Male and 1 Female)
  • Caller ID supported on all CO ports
  • DID supported on T1 only
  • Manual included
  • Basic KSU (BKSU)
    • Slot 1 - used by system
    • Slot 2 - 2 port single line telephone card (included)
    • Slot 3 - 8 port digital station card (DTIB / included) or 4 port single line telephone card (SLIB)
    • Slot 4 - 8 port digital station card (DTIB) or 4 port single line telephone card (SLIB)
    • Slot 5 - 4 port CO line card (LCOB / included) or PRI / T1 card
    • Slot 6 - 4 port CO line card (LCOB) or PRI / T1 card
    • Slot 7 - in-skin voicemail board or PRI / T1 card
  • Expansion KSU (EKSU)
    • Slot 8 - 8 port digital station card (DTIB) or 4 port single line telephone card (SLIB)
    • Slot 9 - 8 port digital station card (DTIB) or 4 port single line telephone card (SLIB)
    • Slot 10 - 8 port digital station card (DTIB) or 4 port single line telephone card (SLIB)
    • Slot 11 - 4 port CO line card (LCOB) or PRI / T1 card
    • Slot 12 - 4 port CO line card (LCOB) or PRI / T1 card
    • Slot 13 - 4 port CO line card (LCOB) or PRI / T1 card

For ease of installation we recommend the Siemon SPB-V1 (single pair)

NOTE: Enhanced system for all dealers and support only the 3515-71 and 3516-71 phones

The Vodavi STARPLUS STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system’s track performance and reliability.

Vodavi’s popular STARPLUS STS telephone system just got better! The new STARPLUS STSe master cabinet has a host of new features that will help you stay ahead of the game. Features such as automatic daylight savings, tenant share and virtual stations have been added by popular demand. With the same modest price, the STARPLUS STSe remains a refreshingly affordable communications solution for enterprises requiring less than 48 phones.

The Vodavi STARPLUS STS (Small Telephone System) is perfect for small businesses and is loaded with many features previously available only to larger enterprises. Best of all, this system is modestly priced, making it refreshingly affordable as well.

Vodavi Starplus STSe Special Features:

Refreshingly Flexible

  • PBX/Centrex Compatibility
  • Supports full T1, fractional T1 or ISDN PRI
  • Phones are CTI adaptable
  • ADP – Additional Device Port on every phone for fax or modem connection
  • Standard 2.5 mm Headset Jack on every phone
  • Voice Mail does not reduce System Capacity
  • UCD & LCR Capability
  • Fax Detect – Elimitates the need for a dedicated FAX line

Refreshingly Simple

  • Easy to Configure, Install & Program
  • One phone model loaded with features
  • Soft keys below display enable quick access to system features
  • Name & number display Caller ID is available on all phones
  • Optional In-Skin Voice Mail
  • Basic or Expanded System options

Digital Speakerphone with LCD

Rather than offering multiple phone models, Vodavi packed all the features you need in one handsome, easy-to-use speakerphone. The STS phone has 24 flexible buttons that can be programmed to monitor stations in use, enable one touch speed dial, or to enable system features such as Do Not Disturb, All Call Page, and many more.

The phone also has 3 interactive soft keys positioned directly below the 2 x 24 character display that enable quick access to common system features. The phone is CTI capable as well. The speakerphone enables convenient hands-free use and the volume control independently controls both handset and speaker volume.

Digital Speakerphone with Backlit LCD

24 button digital speakerphone with backlit 2 line x 24 character LCD display. 2.5mm headset jack. The new backlit display telephone has all the great features of the original STS phone, with the added advantage of a blue backlight. The blue backlight is perfect for low light environments and makes an attractive addition to any desktop.

8 Port Digital Station Card

Vodavi STSe 8 Station Expansion Card: Mounts into available card slot. Provides expansion of up to 8 additional digital telephones. A maximum of 2 of these cards may be added to the base cabinet.

Vodavi PDF Brochure

  • Starplus STS Brochure
  • *The total number of analog (SLT) devices per system that can be supported is 22 (including the 2 on board). If 22 SLT's are installed the digital station count is reduced to 8.

    STARPLUS STS Optional In-Skin Voice Mail Card

    This in-skin solution makes voice mail a refreshingly affordable option for any small business. It plugs right into the phone system itself, eliminiating the need for more expensive external equipmement. This 8-port system has 64 mailboxes and 3 hours of message storage, expandable to 9 hours.

    • Voice Mail upgrades are downloadable from free of charge
    • Voice Mail installs only in slot 7 of bas KSU
    • Voice Mail will only notify to a light or a pager, not a cell phone
    The Optional STS In-Skin Voice Mail System Enhances Productivity With Key Features Such As:
    • Dial-by-Name Auto-Attendant - Allows callers to direct themselves to the appropriate person without the help of an operator. If callers know their extension they can dial it at any time and thus bypass the auto-attendant
    • Menu Routing - Route callers more efficiently (Example, for Sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.) Up to 5 menus available.
    • RAN Announcements - Play messages to your callers while they are waiting to speak with someone
    • Fax Tone Detect - Automatically detects an incoming fax and forwards it to a designated fax machine

    Voice Mail User Productivity Features:
    • Message Wait Light - Light indicates new voice mail messages
    • Message Storage - Save a message for future reference
    • Message Forwarding - Direct messages to the proper people quickly and efficiently
    • Call Forwarding - Have incoming calls forwarded directly to your mailbox. Users can program this themselves without having to consult the system administrator
    • Pager Notification - Users can choose to be paged if there is a new message in the system (up to 18 digits)
    • Remote Access - Check your voice mail messages from any touch-tone phone
    • Live Call Screening Option - (Answering Machine Emulation) Listen to messages as they are being recorded and pick up the phone if you want to speak with the caller
    • Change Personal Greetings - Recorded name, personal greeting, and temporary greeting are controlled by the user
    • Date and Time Stamp - Find out when a message was left
    • Password Control - Change the password at any time
    • OneTouch Record - Record important conversations for future reference
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    3501-00-R Refurbished
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