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Non-Returnable and Non-Cancellable!
Poly SoundStation VTX 1000 Conference Phone with Subwoofer and Microphones
Model # 2200-07142-001

SoundStation VTX 1000 is a fully automatic conference phone featuring VTX Wideband voice and Automatic Gain Control, and includes Subwoofer and VTX EX Mics....Read More


Compare: Hello Direct - Summer 2012 @ $1,399.20

You Save: $165.30 (12%)
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Non-Returnable and Non-Cancellable!
Poly Power Supply for Tgx2Xx Mog7Xx And Svpxxx
Model # 2200-37242-001

Polycom 2200-37242-001 Power Supply for MOG711, MOG731, MOG741, MOG751, TGB216, TGD208, TGF216, TGP216....Read More

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Cortelco Plastic Card Cover for Patriot 2190, 2191 and 2193
Model # 500013-642-001

Cortelco 500013-642-001 Plastic Card Cover for Patriot 2190,2191 and 2193. Read More

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Chatsworth Products Protective End Caps, Cable Runway for 1 1/2" x 3/8" Stringer
Model # 10642-001

Covers and protects exposed ends of cable runway and auxiliary framing bar and channel. Reduces chances of personal injury and equipment damage....Read More

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Chatsworth Products Isolator Bar, Cable Runway
Model # 10842

Electrically isolates cable runway sections, isolating grounded sections of runway or where strong EMI/RFI fields could generate eddy-currents, which could disturb down-line equipment....Read More

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Non-Returnable and Non-Cancellable!
Poly SoundStation VTX 1000 Subwoofer
Model # 2200-07242-001

VTX1000 Subwoofer for SuoundStation....Read More

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