Avaya 800 NI-BRI Module (8x0) (Refurbished)

(Model # 61810)
Avaya 800 NI-BRI Module (8x0)

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Connects up to 8 national ISDN-1 BRI trunks.
  • BRI delivers 2 bearer "B" channels, often for the price of 1 Central Office (CO) trunk
  • Supports simultaneous voice calls per line or data transmission speeds of up to 120Kbps
  • Works with Merlin Legend Release 4 or higher
Need a powerful multimedia platform that can take your business where it wants to go? Introducing the advanced digital Merlin Legend Release 6.1. Whether you're a small business with big plans or a medium size company exploring new possibilities, the Merlin Legend System is your best investment. The Merlin Legend communications System is an advanced digital switching system that integrates voice and data communications features. The systemís power and versatility is due in part to its many options and features. Easy integration of audix and intuity voice mail and call accounting features make this the most advanced communications solution for your business. This flexible modular system is easy to install, maintain, use, and adapt. ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)) trunks carry today's voice traffic at less cost -- and with greater reliability than ever before. As your business grows, the system can grow with it, expanding up to 80 telephone lines and 200 telephones to meet changing business needs. This system supports an array of information tools to help you handle calls more efficiently to boost employee productivity and caller satisfaction.

When it's time to add dynamic new capabilities to make your company more competitive and profitable, look no further than your MERLIN LEGEND System. The same ISDN BRI trunks that handled your voice traffic now provide increased transmission speed and bandwidth, enabling you to transfer data, video, and fax at very economical rates.

Centralized Voice Mail and Built-In Service Observing Capability
For greater power, Merlin Legend Release 6.1 supports centralized Voice Mail. For greater flexibility, businesses can have their pick of Intuity Audix and Merlin Legend Mail - not to mention the superb Messaging 2000 system. Now Release 6.1 introduces service observing capability allowing a supervisor to listen in on a call to assure quality and customer satisfaction. Release 6.1 also includes powerful features from recent releases.

Customer Service Centers
Release 5 brought sophisticated Customer Service Centers into the Merlin Legend family. Release 6.0 upgraded those centers with Prompt Out Based Overflow so your callers exercise greater control. And you experience fewer abandoned calls.

Networking Multiple Sites
Today's callers expect seemless handling, no matter how many locations you have. So don't force them to hang up and dial another number. Now you can integrate several locations - including those with Merlin Legend and those with Definity systems - in a single, seamless communications network.

Remote Call Forwarding
Using Centrex lines and Merlin Legend telephone systems remote call forwarding enables you to consolidate order-taking in a single location, maximizing use of your phone lines. It means that customer service locations are relieved of the burden of taking phone orders. And it means that outside calls are directed more efficiently than ever!

The Affordable Upgrade
Existing Merlin customers can step up affordably and easily. Merlin Legend Release 6.1 is compatible with all exising Merlin telephones.

Merlin Legend Expansion Unit
A second or third carrier that consists of a blackplane, power supply, and housing.

  • Expands the basic Merlin Legend Control Unit by adding 6 universal module slots per expansion unit

TIE Line (E&M) Module
Eliminates toll expenses and adds a true Private Branch Exchange (PBX) feature - tie line support.

  • Connect your Merlin Legend telephone system to a remote PBX or another Merlin Legend System, allowing all calls between systems to be handled as internal calls
  • Supports up to 4 tie lines

Merlin Legend 8 Port Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
Interfaces with National Integrated Servicese Digital Network (ISDN) - 1 BRI trunks.

  • BRI delivers 2 bearer "B" channels, often for the price of 1 Central Office (CO) trunk
  • Works with Release 4 or later

400 GS/LS/TTR Module
Supports up to 4 Central Office (CO) type lines that can be either loop- or ground-start, or mixed.

  • Supports up to 8 Merlin Legend MLX Voice Terminals
  • Contains 1 power failure transfer port
  • Works with Release 2 or later

408 LS/ATL Module
Supports up to 4 Central Office (CO) type lines (loop-start only)

  • Supports up to 8 Merlin ATL multiline voice terminals
  • Contains 1 power failure transfer port

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