Vertical-Comdial DX-80 and DX-120 System Digital Executive Phone (Refurbished)

(Model # 7260-00-DET)
Vertical-Comdial DX-80 and DX-120 System Digital Executive Phone

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DX-80/DX-120 Digital Executive Telephone.
  • Adjustable 3-position telephone elevation stand
  • 2.5mm Headset Jack
  • Call Forward routes internal and external calls differently
  • Interactive 2x16 LCD with Name/Number Caller ID standard
  • Music with two separate music channels
  • Dual-color status lamp indicates active headset, mute, and other call modes
  • One-touch manual or automatic record of conversations to voicemail
  • Memo Pad stores one-time speed-dial number while on a call
  • 30 Programmable dual-color LED buttons for direct access to CO lines, extensions, speed dialing, and other features
  • Busy Off-Hook Voice Announce with hands-free answer back
  • Wall mount kit sold separately (Model # 7260-00-DET-WALLMOUNT-KIT)

Introducing the DX-80 Business Telephone System, Comdial's all-in-one communications system that's affordable, easy to use, and loaded with great features-including integrated voice mail, live call screening, auto attendant, and more!

Today's growing enterprises are faced with numerous business challenges: an increasingly competitive marketplace, heightened productivity demands, and improved customer service. Designed exclusively for small businesses, Comdial's DX-80 Business Telephone System provides a complete telecommunications solution to meet these challenges. In addition to offering a comprehensive feature set previously available only on high-end PBXs, the DX-80 also supports an integrated voice mail option based on Comdial's industry recognized Corporate Office Voice Messaging software. Together, this combination provides small businesses with a 'big company' telecommunications solution at a very affordable price.

The DX-80 Business Telephone System grows with your business, enhances company productivity, and increases revenue opportunity.

What They're Saying About Comdial's DX-80: Dealer's Speak Up

Profitable for my business...

    "Comdial's DX-80 has been a profitable product for my business. Typically, each of my installations has unique configuration requirements. The DX-80 broad feature set allows me to meet the specific demands of each site. Plus, features like Caller ID, in-skin voicemail and Unified Call Distribution provide an advanced solution without excessive additional costs. In fact, a recent installation at a large Chicago photography retailer went so well that the entire chain is proposing migration to the DX-80 solution." -AML Systems, Chicago, IL

Price competitive, rock-solid...

    "The DX-80 is a feature rich telecommunications solution at an extremely competitive price. This enables my business to deliver the latest in communication technology without charging my customer an arm and a leg. Additionally, Comdial's continuous product refinements have evolved the DX-80 into a rock-solid system perfect for today's growing enterprises." -Advanced Communications, Wheeling, WV

Feature-rich and easy to sell...

    "The DX-80 provides a strong complement to Comdial's FX-II. When it comes to smaller businesses, the DX-80 offers a solution that's easy to sell and straightforward to configure, yet sophisticated enough to meet the communication demands of today's growing enterprises. Additionally, the DX-80 integrated flash voicemail is a great seller. Its off-the-shelf flash upgrade lets me boast record capacity while keeping costs low." -Associated Telecom, Anaheim, CA

Corporate Office voice messaging is a strong selling point...

    "I've found the integrated voice messaging to be one of the strongest selling points of the DX-80. Comdial has ported their proven Corporate Office solution to the 7270c Hard Drive Card and the 7271c Flash Card, thereby offering advanced messaging features such as call screening, off-premise transfers, call queuing, and caller ID playback and dial back. Additionally, the 7270C has an on-board modem that has been a key feature in winning remote accounts where service costs are a factor. By maintaining a DX-80 system from my office, my customers can avoid the additional expenses associated with on-site visits." -Telco Enterprises, Fresno, CA

Click here for a PDF download of what dealers are saying about Comdial's DX-80.

'Big Company' Telecommunications Solutions

Extensive Feature Set Provides Competitive Edge

The DX-80 Business Telephone System delivers enterprise-grade productivity without the complexity, cost, and management responsibilities of a larger system. With over 100 standard features, this system is well suited to give your business a competitive edge.

  • Built-In Caller ID - Name and number are displayed on both digital and analog telephone sets (requires caller ID service from your local telephone company), providing caller ID information regardless of extension type.
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) - Allows extensions to be linked for call handling; enabling efficient utilization of your customer service resources. Incoming calls can be forwarded to the next available agent on a per group basis (sales, tech support, etc.)
  • "Meet-Me" Conferencing - In addition to supporting standard conferencing calling, the DX-80 also supports eight "Meet-Me" conference bridges. This allows parties to dial directly into a conference call from the road or within the office
  • Tenant Service - By using tenant groups, the DX-80 can be configured to operate as if two or three systems are deployed at a single site. Paired with the DX-80's two Music-On-Hold sources, the DX-80 is capable of serving multiple businesses while meeting the specific customization requirements of each.
  • Fax Detection - The DX-80 supports automatic fax detection, thereby routing incoming transmissions to the appropriate extension and eliminating the need for a costly separate fax line.
  • Automated Attendant Option - The automated attendant module handles incoming calls when a live attendant is unavailable. Callers are then able to direct themselves to the appropriate extension or department.
  • Modem Option - The DX-80 system may be remotely configured using the modem module, reducing site visits and shortening customer response time.
  • 30 Button Programmability - 30 programmable, dual-color LED buttons enable straightforward customization of your DX-80 telephone. Based on your preferences, a single press of a button can dial your favorite extensions, access your speed dial numbers, page a colleague, park a call, or select "do not disturb" mode.
  • Busy Off Hook Voice Announce - Important messages can get through - even when you're on the phone. When enabled, a DX-80 system extension can make an announcement over your speakerphone even if you're already on a call (available on all extensions except attendant).
  • Headset Jack - The DX-80 telephone includes a headset jack, making life easier for a professional who depends on constant communication.

Integrated Voice Mail for Every Business

Combining the DX-80 platform with Comdial's industry-recognized Corporate Office Voice Messaging software makes for a complete small-business telephone solution. With a digital voice processing card installed directly inside the telephone system, the DX-80 provides fully integrated voice messaging without requiring the dedication of any telephone system extension ports. That means all 56 extension ports are available for digital and analog expansion.

  • Call Recording - Allows subscribers to record active calls in real-time for future reference.
  • Call Screening - Asks the caller to say his/her name and then announces the call to the subscriber. The subscriber can choose to accept the call, send the call to the subscriber's active mailbox or transfer the caller to an alternate extension.
  • Call Queuing - Callers are given the option of holding for a specific extension when it is busy. The system politely keeps callers apprised of their position in line and offers options to leave a voice mail message, speak to the operator, or try another extension.
  • Transfer Off-Premise - Automatically transfers a caller to an off-premise location such as the subscriber's home or mobile phone, reducing the number of missed calls.
  • Pager Notification - Automatically pages subscribers when they receive messages in their mailboxes; helping to minimize customer response time.
  • Caller ID Integration - Caller ID information captured by the voice mail is communicated during playback, and may optionally be used to automatically dial the caller at the touch of only two keys (requires caller ID service from your local telephone company).
  • Dial-by-Name - Alphabetical directories allow callers to easily search for individual extensions or mailboxes through the use of touch-tones. Callers can select individuals by using the touch-tone pad to spell last or first name.
  • On-Board Modem - Enables remote configuration and management of both the voice mail and DX-80 system (7270C model only).

Modular Architecture Expands to Meet Your Businesses Needs

With Comdial's DX-80, small business get started with reliable, scalable communications technology. The DX-80's expandable architecture grows with your business, allowing you to purchase a system for today while leaving room to expand tomorrow.

DX-80 Digital Executive Telephone

The DX-80 is a full-featured telephone system offered at an extremely affordable price. Whether you are starting with 4 employees or already have 40, the DX-80 is the sophisticated communication solution that can help your company project a positive image every time a call comes in.

The DX-80 digital telephone couldn't be simpler to program or easier to use. An interactive LCD shows the name and number of each caller, plus gives you step-by-step instructions on programming your telephone. Thirty dual-color status LEDs indicate Active Headset, Mute, DND, and other call modes, and Fixed Feature buttons provide one-touch access to calling options such as Call Forward, Call Park, and Voice Mail. Plus, the small footprint of the DX-80 telephone frees up valuable desktop work space while providing a host of easy-touch buttons and call feature options for increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Every DX-80 telephone is a 40-button speakerphone with a two-line interactive LCD and a headset jack
  • Busy Off-Hook Voice Announce with hands-free answer back
  • Dual-color status lamp indicates active headset, mute, and other call modes
  • Two separate music channels
  • Forward calls by call type (external/internal)
  • Eliminate interruption with "Do Not Disturb"
  • Headset Jack
  • Interactive 2x16 LCD with Name/Number Caller ID standard
  • One-touch manual or automatic record of conversations to voice mail
  • Memo pad stores one-time speed-dial number while on a call
  • Adjustable 3-position telephone elevation stand
  • 30 programmable dual-color LED buttons for direct access to CO lines, extensions, speed dialing, and other features


  • Built-in Analog Extensions: basic system equipped with 4 CO lines, 8 digital extensions, and 4 analog ports
  • Scalability: expandable to 16 CO lines, 56 extensions (48 digital extensions and 8 analog ports)
  • Built-in Caller ID: name/number standard to all extensions (digital, analog, and voice mail)
  • Optional Built-In Voice Processing: digitally integrated DX-80 Voice Card Provides:
    • 8 voice mail channels
    • 100 boxes
    • 130 hours of storage

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