Corning ST Compatible Fast Cure Glass-Insert Multimode Connector for 125 micron fiber

(Model # 95-100-11)


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The ST Compatible Fast Cure Glass-Insert Multimode Connector (GIC) is designed to incorporate all the polishing advantages of the glass-in-ceramic ferrule with the quick cure installation of anaerobic adhesives. The parts have been pre-assembled to save you time and to improve productivity. The ferrule holder is metal, allowing the use of anaerobic adhesive without degradation of material. The Fast Cure GIC can be assembled on 900 micron or 3 milimeter fiber.
  • New fast cure anaerobic adhesive; does not require electrical power
  • Glass-in-ceramic ferrule; ensure proper curing
  • Reduced installation time, less than 3 minutes assembled and polished
  • Typical loss of 0.2 dB with physical contact polish
  • This connector is not UV-curable