Aiphone Master Station Interface Card (Discontinued)

(Model # AI-900MS)
Aiphone Master Station Interface Card
AI-900 features are found with IS Series system.

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Most AI-900 features are available using the IS series system. Please contact Aiphone Technical Support for assistance.

Master Station Interface Card can make calls to or receive calls from the substation or the master station (telephone). It utilizes 2 pairs of twisted cables.

The AI-900 provides a complete communication network throughout a facility or campus, and can be easily integrated with access control and video surveillance systems. In today's world of heightened security, and with a variety of application needs, a system needs to be flexible and versatile. Simple programming of the Al-900 allows each system to be custom-configured to meet the specific needs of almost any commercial or institutional application. Whether the person on duty is in a security office or is making rounds, a call from a remote area never has to go unanswered. The Al-900 is a sophisticated yet simple system that meets the demands of today's corporate and institutional facilities.

Al-900 Total Solution System Applications:

Aiphone's AI-900 Integrated Security Intercommunication System is a voice communication system that allows calls to be made quickly and easily—even in emergency situations—with the touch of a button. The Al-900 system's ability to integrate with other systems makes it ideal for security applications.

School / Institutional
    Door entry and perimeter control
    Classroom-to-office communication
    Staff-to-staff communication
    Elevator communication
    Zone paging
Office / Building Communications
    Door entry and perimeter control
    CCTV control
    Scan monitoring of secure areas
    Elevator communications
    Areas of rescue assistance
    Office-to-office communications
    Zone paging
    Emergency calling
    Scan monitoring
    Areas of evacuation or rescue
    Perimeter access control
    CCTV control
    Perimeter and door access control
    CCTV control
    Staff-to-inmate communication
    Scan monitoring of secure areas
    Zone paging


  • Station Capacity
      Single Exchange:
      4 Master Stations
      64 Substations

  • Up to 16 Exchanges:
      64 Master Stations
      1024 Substations

  • System Integration
      Remote control and monitoring via RS-232 communication protocol

  • Remote System Management
      PC programming and monitoring software Program and maintain multiple exchanges off-site from PC

  • Audio Recording
      Recording capability from the master or telephone through the audio recording output

  • Data Logging
      The operating log of all control functions can be stored on PC for future reference

  • Master Station
      Flexibility Aiphone master station with alphanumeric display and clock line communication

  • Paging Interface
      For external amplifier zone distribution with 16 control ports

  • External Audio
      Input For station and external amplifier zone distribution with four trigger inputs


  • Telephone
      Direct-in dial
      Outside line access
      Manual forwarding
      Off-site forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Manual Remote (Call Capture)
      No answer
      Off-site telephone
  • Paging
      Zone (19)
      All-zone paging
      Public Address (16)
  • Scan Monitor
  • Master Station Grouping (16)
  • Emergency Conference
  • Auto-Dial and Redial
  • Call Transfer/Hold
  • Priority (Emergency/Normal)
  • Automatic Time-out
  • Call Queuing
  • Selective Response

System Components

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