MISC 25 Pair / 50 Pin Amphenol Cable

(Model # AMP-CABLE)
MISC 25 Pair / 50 Pin Amphenol Cable
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Amphenol cables for connection of telephone system to punch down blocks. Available in single or double ended and various Amphenol cable lengths.
SKU Ends Length
AMP-CABLE-MF15 Male/Female 15 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF50 Female/Female 50 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL50 Female/Loose 50 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF50 Male/Female 50 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML50 Male/Loose 50 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM50 Male/Male 50 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF25 Female/Female 25 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL25 Female/Loose 25 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF100 Male/Female 100 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF25 Male/Female 25 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML25 Male/Loose 25 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM25 Male/Male 25 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML10 Male/Loose 10 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML150 Male/Loose 150 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF5 Female/Female 5 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF5 Male/Female 5 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF15 Female/Female 15 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL15 Female/Loose 15 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML15 Male/Loose 15 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM15 Male/Male 15 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF100 Female/Female 100 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL100 Female/Loose 100 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML100 Male/Loose 100 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM100 Male/Male 100 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF10 Female/Female 10 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL10 Female/Loose 10 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF10 Male/Female 10 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM10 Male/Male 10 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL5 Female/Loose 5 Feet
AMP-CABLE-ML5 Male/Loose 5 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM5 Male/Male 5 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FL150 Female/Loose 150 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF150 Male/Female 150 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MM150 Male/Male 150 Feet
AMP-CABLE-FF150 Female/Female 150 Feet
AMP-CABLE-MF300 Male/Female 300 Feet