Command Communications ASAP Responder/Dispatcher System (Discontinued)

(Model # ASAP104)
Command Communications ASAP Responder/Dispatcher System
Command Communications
Discontinued, No Direct Replacement

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ASAP Responder/Dispatcher System- Provide your customers with the highest standard in call-routing technology and reliability. The ASAP 104 offers powerful, technically advanced programmable features for custom applications. The ASAP 104 provides true 4-port, automatic telephone line sharing and is compatible with telephone company Distinctive Ring, Voice Messaging and Caller ID (requires service activation). The ASAP 104 allows emergency call interruption of data calls (when used with the ASAP Dispatcher DP1, or Call Conferencing). Install at the DEMARC or connect directly to a telephone extension outlet.

Once installed, the ASAP 104 prohibits incoming calls from direct access to any connected device (unless Caller ID is ON). The ASAP 104 will answer the call on the first ring. Once the call is answered, the ASAP 104 listens for call routing signals. The new wall-mount case with 4-way line cord guides and mounting accessories kit assure a clean installation every time. Applications include homes, home offices, small offices and large offices.

  • Eliminate the need for extra dedicated telephone lines
  • Commercial grade product for the interconnect professional and system integrator
  • 1 telephone line
  • 4 device ports
  • True 4-port switching
  • 35 programmable features
  • Provides automatic telephone line sharing for up to four devices
  • Power and telephone line surge protection
  • TruRING new improved audible ring signal
  • Port-to-port call transfer and intercom
  • Convenient port assignment directory
Save money by using your phone line more wisely. These line sharing devices will detect distinctive ringing on incoming calls or even answer the call and "listen" for fax tones. Then they will route the call to the correct device (fax machine, modem, telephone or other) automatically.

Command Communications

- ASAP104 Responder/Dispatcher System.


  • Allows 4 telecom devices (modems, faxes, phones) to be connected to a single phone line
  • Supports unattended operation
  • When a modem calls an ASAP104 through an ASAP Dispatcher DP1, the Dispatcher DP1 produces a series of user programmable tones
  • 35 programmable features Tones direct the ASAP104 to place certain pre-selected systems on-line automatically


- Model LS-4x4 is a 4 device by 4 line unit which can be modularly expanded. Depending on the number of 4x4 scanners used, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or more modems, credit card readers, faxes, phones,etc., can share 1 to 4 telephone Centrex, C.O. or PABX lines. When any connected telecom device goes off hook, the LS-4x4 scans for an open line and sends the call out. If no lines are available, the user recieves a busy signal-compatible with voltage sensitive credit card readers. On incoming calls, each of four lines can be programmed to ring a specific device. Power supply included.


- Automatically screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time, eliminating the need for a rarely used dedicated phone line. It is even compatible with virtually all multi-line KSU and PBX phone systems.


  • Routes all calls producing CNG tones to the fax port or fax modem
  • Routes calls from one designated port to another after a selected number of rings
  • User-defined access codes secure programming and control