Leviton Interface Module for Digital Entry Panel (Discontinued)

(Model # BT500-HAC)
Leviton Interface Module for Digital Entry Panel
Discontinued, Without Replacement

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Interface Module for Digital Entry Panel.

NOTE: Required for use of Digital Keypad (Model # BT200-DPG)


Leviton provides security solutions that protect the premises and enable analog camera systems to connect over the same UTP structured cabling systems used for voice and data communications. Choose from a wide variety of equipment, including video entry panels, video receivers, transceivers, receiver, signal integrators, VPD components and more that support up to 16 channels.


The Ophera Video Entry system integrates high quality color video and audio components in a stylish combination intended to complement any décor. A wide range of appealing and innovative features makes Ophera the recognized choice for moderate sized MDU and custom residential projects. The system operates independent of data networks using proven analog technology.

Ophera Hands Free Color Video Receiver and Accessories


The color video receiver shall be capable of hands free 2-way audio communication over standard twisted-pair cabling, which is independent of data networks. The receiver shall include a 3.5" color video display with the capability of tilting up for improved viewing. The receiver shall include control buttons for mute, privacy, and door release functions. The video entry system shall have the ability to support up to 4 entry stations and a maximum of 100 apartments or suites. The system shall allow a maximum of 8 receivers to operate together as a room-to-room audio intercom group within an apartment or suite.


  • 3.5" color monitor
  • Hands-free and Push-To-Talk (PTT) operation
  • Adjustable display tilts 20° for ease of viewing
  • Mute, privacy and door release control buttons
  • Doorbell input
  • Call waiting notification
  • Adjustable settings for ringer volume, brightness, and color saturation
  • Receiver includes three sets of color covers: white, arctic blue, and orange
  • Audio intercom function for up to 8 receivers per apartment or suite (requires use of BC300-VSE)


  • Ophera receiver powered by BC100-0VA centrally or by BC100-VAS locally
  • Video distribution modules (BC200-4VD, BC200-AVD) required for multiple receivers
  • Ophera receivers can be flush-mounted in drywall, concrete, or masonry with use of BR300-BOX plastic embedding box. The BR300-BOX is included with each Ophera receiver, but may also be ordered separately
  • Ophera receivers can be surface mounted with use of BR300-SMK surface mount kit

Color Video Entry Panels and Accessories


The video entry panels shall be weather resistant and have LED backlit buttons. Video cameras shall be suitable for day and night operation, operate with a minimum illumination of 50 lux, and have a minimum resolution of 330 lines. Color video panels shall be capable of providing at least 2 call buttons, as well as being paired with a digital keypad for larger systems. The video entry system shall have the ability to support up to 4 entry stations and a maximum of 100 apartments or suites.


  • Weather resistant video entry station
  • Integrated low-light color video camera with adjustable angle of view
  • Adjustable microphone and speaker volume levels
  • LED backlit buttons
  • LCD display on Digital Keypad model with customizable text message
  • Adjustable door release time from 1 to 15 seconds


  • Camera viewing area at 20" (500 mm) from panel is 28" wide x 21" high (710 mm x 530 mm).
  • Entry panels powered by BC100-0VA or BC100-VAS.
  • Maximum of four entry panels per system
  • BT102-01G Video Entry Panel can be used individually or paired with BT200-DPG Digital Keypad panel.
  • Digital Keypad requires BT500-HAC (not included) and BT700-HTG (not included)
  • BT102-01G includes a single push-button, but may be expanded to 2-button operation with BT600-HPS kit.
  • Color Video panels (BT102-01G) and Digital Keypad panels (BT200-DPG) can be flush-mounted in drywall, concrete, or masonry with use of BT700-HTI plastic embedding box. Entry panels may also be surface-mounted using BT700-HBT metal box w/ rain cover (not included).

Ophera Video Entry System Power Supplies and Controls


  • Provides power and communications (audio, video, and data) between BC100-0VA and receivers using just two wires
  • BC100-VAS provides local power for receivers, entry panels, and amplified video distributor (BC200-AVD)
  • Line Repeater (BC100-XAS) allows for extended distance between entry panels and Ophera receivers
  • Intercom selector (BC300-VSE) allows for up to 8 receivers to be established as an intercom group within an apartment or suite
  • All receivers ring for incoming calls from an entry panel, and audio-only room-to-room calls from within the apartment or suite are possible


NOTE: Power supplies must be installed in a metal fire enclosure and must be connected to a branch circuit with a 20A maximum circuit breaker
  • Power supplies require input voltage of 120-127VAC @ 60Hz
  • Transformers are electronically protected against overloading and short circuiting (i.e. no fuses are used)
  • A single control unit and power supply (BC100-0VA) can supply power for one video entry panel (BT102-01G), one digital keypad panel (BT200-DPG), and all Ophera receivers (BR200-00W), provided only one receiver is used per apartment or suite
  • A supplemental power supply (BC100-VAS) is required for each additional entry panel (BT102-01G alone or paired with BT200-DPG)
  • Supplemental power supplies (BC100-VAS) are required for multiple Ophera receivers within an apartment or suite (intercom group)

Ophera Video Entry System Video Distribution & Amplification Modules


  • Video distribution module (BC200-4VD) distributes the modulated video signal over 4 lines without requiring power.
  • Amplified video distribution module (BC200-AVD) distributes modulated video signal over 4 lines without any signal loss. Power supply required.
  • Video amplifier module (BC200-AMP) amplifies video signal by 6 dB in the bus or 20dB in the branch to compensate for losses experienced by video distributors.


  • One video amplifier module (BC200-AMP) required for every 10 distribution modules (BC200-4VD or BC200-AVD)
  • Maximum of 30 video distribution modules (BC200-4VD and BC200-AVD) per system
  • Passive modules (BC200-4VD, BC200-AMP) require no power
  • Amplified video distribution module (BC200-AVD) requires power from BC100-VAS

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