Samsung DCS Expansion Cabinet

(Model # DCS-ECAB)
Samsung DCS Expansion Cabinet

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Expansion Cabinet for DCS System.
Expansion Cabinet Features:
  • Maximum 2 expansion cabinets
  • 7 card slots
  • HDLC cable
  • Wall mount kit
  • Requires PSU/40 or PSU/60
  • Requires EXPN B card

The Growth and Flexibility You Need! DCS is economical to expand and easy to customize. Every component was designed to accommodate your company's growth and success. As you outgrow a single cabinet DCS, you can simply add a second or third. With three full DCS cabinets, your system can give you 20 universal card slots, yielding a maximum of 196 ports. And any card slot can be used for either lines or telephones, providing a capacity of 172 stations or 160 lines. The combination of modular expansion and universal card slots allows DCS to economically expand as your business grows, making it the most flexible digital phone system you can buy.

Just pick up the handset, press one button and tell DCS who you want to call. DCS's optional Dial-by-Voice card makes it that easy to call your clients, co-workers, and friends. The latest voice recognition technology lets DCS learn your specific voice. At last there's an affordable way to avoid the hassle of fumbling around for names and numbers.

Built-In Speed Dial:
It's like having a phone book in your keyset. DCS proudly boasts a library of 1500 speed-dial numbers at your fingertips. Capacity for the system list is 500 names and numbers, while a station user can have as many as 50 personal names and numbers. Put your most frequently used numbers on a "One-Touch" button for even faster access.

Efficient Directory Dialing:
Stop wasting time looking for the company directory only to find that it's out of date. Save time and effort by accessing your personal speed-dial numbers, the system speed-dial list or the company extension directory right from your display keyset. Scroll through the list, find the name you want, and simply press one button. DCS will automatically dial your number.

Advanced Toll Restriction:
Because of the high demand for new telephone service, some area codes and central office prefixes have more digits. No problem. DCs was designed with the future in mind. So when these changes come to your office, the DCS toll restriction system can continue to stop unauthorized calls.

Avoid Expensive Installation and Wiring:
Thanks to our 2B+D keyset technology you can avoid expensive installation and wiring charges. Insert either an analog or digital daughter board into the base of any keyset. Simply plug in the appropriate station device and you're in business. Adding another keyset, add-on module, standard telephone, fax machine or cordless phone is just that simple.

Computer Telephony Integration:
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the newest development in the telecommunications industry. By combining the intelligence of your computer with the features of your telephone, it adds real power to your business. Your computer and telephone operate as one system, utilizing the functions of both.

Convenient Off-Hook Voice Announcing:
With DCS's Off-Hook Voice Announce (OHVA) feature, you know who's waiting to speak with you - even when you're on another line. With OHVA, you can be advised of a call by any other extension on the system.

Samsung PDF Brochure
Samsung DCS Brochure

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