Siemon LightSystem Singlemode Duplex Jumpers

(Model # FJ2-SCUSCU-01)


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A comprehensive of line of fiber jumpers for connecting fiber links. All jumpers are manufactured using the finest quality connectors and OFNR riser grade fiber.

Note:*APC jumpers and pigtals have a minimum return loss of 65dB.

SKU Jumper Type Cable Length
FJ2-SCUSCU-01 SC-SC 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-SCUSCU-02 SC-SC 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-SCUSCU-03 SC-SC 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-SCUSCU-05 SC-SC 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-SCASCA-01 SC-SC/*APC 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-SCASCA-02 SC-SC/*APC 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-SCASCA-03 SC-SC/*APC 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-SCASCA-05 SC-SC/*APC 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSAU-01 ST-ST 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSAU-02 ST-ST 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSAU-03 ST-ST 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSAU-05 ST-ST 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSCU-01 ST-SC 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSCU-02 ST-SC 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSCU-03 ST-SC 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-SAUSCU-05 ST-SC 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-LCULCU-01 LC-LC 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-LCULCU-02 LC-LC 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-LCULCU-03 LC-LC 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-LCULCU-05 LC-LC 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSCU-01 LC-SC 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSCU-02 LC-SC 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSCU-03 LC-SC 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSCU-05 LC-SC 5m (16.4 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSAU-01 SC-ST 1m (3.3 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSAU-02 SC-ST 2m (6.6 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSAU-03 SC-ST 3m (9.8 ft.)
FJ2-LCUSAU-05 SC-ST 5m (16.4 ft.)