Allen Tel Outdoor Speakerphone with Tone Dial And Stainless Steel Hasp

(Model # GB25900D)
Allen Tel Outdoor Speakerphone with Tone Dial And Stainless Steel Hasp
Allen Tel
Not recommended for temperatures below -5F (-20C)

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  • Color
  • Door Hinge
  • Dial Pad
  • Text
Outdoor Speakerphone with Tone Dial - Enclosed in Weather Resistant Housing includes "Push to operate" button with 2 minute disconnect. Housing constructed of die cast aluminum and electrostatically deposited tough enamel finish. Particularly suited for use on college campuses as well as airports, parking garages and industrial locations.
Single Line Speakerphone Features:
  • GB5955H Weather resistant housing equipped with gaskets and stainless steel hasp suitable for locking with a padlock
  • Outdoor Speakerphone
  • Tone Dial
  • "Push to Operate" Button
  • 2 Minute Disconnect
  • Tamper resistant screws and wrench included
  • Available Colors:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Gray
  • Door Hinge Configuration:
    • Standard
    • Spring Loaded
  • Dial Pad:
    • Plastic
    • Metal
  • Logo Text Options for Door Enclosure:

Quality, reliability and durability - three reasons why AllenTel Weatherproof telephones have been successful for over 45 years. The housings are constructed of die cast aluminum and electrostatically deposited tough enamel finish. The hardware on the GB5955H housing includes a stainless steel hasp latch, which will also accept a padlock. The GB90 Series of telephones uses a newly designed housing incorporating either a push latch or a push key lock. All housings are equipped with gaskets and the Legend Telephone.

The Variety of complete telephone models offered includes speaker phones and single line units using pulse, tone or automatic dialing. Replacement telephone sets are available with out housing.

AllenTel's full line of Weatherproof/Emergency telephones are particularly suited for use on college campuses, airports, parking garages and industrial locations. Speakerphone models may not operate properly in environments with high ambient noise levels. In those areas we recommend our handset models featuring an armored cord. In accordance with FCC regulations, all handsets furnished with AllenTel Weatherproof telephones are equipped with hearing aid compatible, amplified receivers.

Need to know the exact dimensions of AllenTel's weatherproof enclosures? Click Here for the full specifications.

Note: All tel sets are equipped with amplified handset and 29" amored cord.

Example: The GB92V-00 consists of GB90 housing with telephone legend on door and a single line panel mounted tel set. Includes a 6 foot black coil cord, amplified receiver, and standard plastic dial. Equipped with GBH4WP 14" Armored Cord (29" Armored Cord included on all GB70V/72V Series tel sets). Note: The K lock is constructed of high impact plastic. For special key applications please contact the factory.

AllenTel ADA Weatherproof Telephones

AllenTel ADA products meet or exceed current AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACTS requirements and feature amplified receivers per FCC regulations.

The GB70 Series Telephones are offered in three models. The GB70VS featuring an automatic single number dialer, the GB70VN, particularly suited for automatic ring down circuit and the GB73V model with a 12 button tone dial.

The weatherproof housing is constructed of die cast aluminum and electrostically deposited tough enamel finish. The GB70H housing incorporates a push key lock. The push latch may be disengaged in order to meet local ADA requirements. All housings are equipped with gaskets.

All models include:

  • Handset with a 29" armored cord
  • Amplified receiver
  • Spring loaded door
  • Braille labes
  • ID tones
  • 2 LED lamps

Note: All GB70H housings feature a spring loaded door. XX denotes housing color- 00 Black, 02 Red, 04 Yellow, 14 Gray, Other colors available on special order.


The GB31932 Steel Protective Cover measures 12" H X 10" W X 4" D and will accept most telephone sets. Finished in red baked enamel.

The GB31858 Weatherproof System Phone Enclosure is designed to provide protection for outdoor installations against rain, sleet and snow. Accepts most features and key system wall mountable telephones. A plywood backboard with mounting holes for the "optional" GB5955LAF Adapter Frame Bracket bracket is provided with this enclosure. Meets NEMD/EEMAC type 3R, UL50 type 3R, CSA enclosure 3, IEC529, IP32. The standard color is red enamel.

The GB5955LAF Adapter Frame Bracket is designed to mount a standard single line wall or mini wall phone in the GB5955H and GB90H housings.

SKU Color Door Hinge Dial Pad Text
GB25900D-00-EY Black Standard Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-00 Black Standard Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-00-M-EY Black Standard Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-00-M Black Standard Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-00-P-EY Black Spring Loaded Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-00-P Black Spring Loaded Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-00-P-M-EY Black Spring Loaded Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-00-P-M Black Spring Loaded Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-02-EY Red Standard Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-02 Red Standard Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-02-M-EY Red Standard Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-02-M Red Standard Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-02-P-EY Red Spring Loaded Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-02-P Red Spring Loaded Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-02-P-M-EY Red Spring Loaded Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-02-P-M Red Spring Loaded Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-04-EY Yellow Standard Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-04 Yellow Standard Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-04-M-EY Yellow Standard Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-04-M Yellow Standard Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-04-P-EY Yellow Spring Loaded Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-04-P Yellow Spring Loaded Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-04-P-M-EY Yellow Spring Loaded Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-04-P-M Yellow Spring Loaded Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-14-EY Grey Standard Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-14 Grey Standard Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-14-M-EY Grey Standard Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-14-M Grey Standard Metal TELEPHONE
GB25900D-14-P-EY Grey Spring Loaded Plastic EMERGENCY
GB25900D-14-P Grey Spring Loaded Plastic TELEPHONE
GB25900D-14-P-M-EY Grey Spring Loaded Metal EMERGENCY
GB25900D-14-P-M Grey Spring Loaded Metal TELEPHONE
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