Siemon Solid IC6 Single-Ended Non-Plenum T568B Modular Cord

(Model # IC6-8A-10-B01)
Siemon Solid IC6 Single-Ended Non-Plenum T568B Modular Cord

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Siemon's IC6 solid single-ended modular cords are designed for use in System 6 applications requiring a consolidation point (ICP) or cross-connect (as an equipment cord).
  • Same plug construction used in MC 6 modular cords
  • IC6 cords are 100% factory transmission tested to 250 MHz
  • Single-ended for direct termination
  • Available in plenum and non-plenum versions
  • 4-pair solid modular cord
  • T568B wiring
  • Gray jacket with colored boot
SKU Cord Length Color
IC6-8A-10-B01 3.1m (10 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-10-B02 3.1m (10 ft.) White
IC6-8A-10-B03 3.1m (10 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-10-B04 3.1m (10 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-10-B05 3.1m (10 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-10-B06 3.1m (10 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-10-B07 3.1m (10 ft.) Green
IC6-8A-20-B01 6.1m (20 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-20-B02 6.1m (20 ft.) White
IC6-8A-20-B03 6.1m (20 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-20-B04 6.1m (20 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-20-B05 6.1m (20 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-20-B06 6.1m (20 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-20-B07 6.1m (20 ft.) Green
IC6-8A-30-B01 9.1m (30 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-30-B02 9.1m (30 ft.) White
IC6-8A-30-B03 9.1m (30 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-30-B04 9.1m (30 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-30-B05 9.1m (30 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-30-B06 9.1m (30 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-30-B07 9.1m (30 ft.) Green
IC6-8A-40-B01 12.2m (40 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-40-B02 12.2m (40 ft.) White
IC6-8A-40-B03 12.2m (40 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-40-B04 12.2m (40 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-40-B05 12.2m (40 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-40-B06 12.2m (40 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-40-B07 12.2m (40 ft.) Green
IC6-8A-50-B01 15.2m (50 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-50-B02 15.2m (50 ft.) White
IC6-8A-50-B03 15.2m (50 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-50-B04 15.2m (50 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-50-B05 15.2m (50 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-50-B06 15.2m (50 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-50-B07 15.2m (50 ft.) Green
IC6-8A-60-B01 18.3m (60 ft.) Black
IC6-8A-60-B02 18.3m (60 ft.) White
IC6-8A-60-B03 18.3m (60 ft.) Red
IC6-8A-60-B04 18.3m (60 ft.) Gray
IC6-8A-60-B05 18.3m (60 ft.) Yellow
IC6-8A-60-B06 18.3m (60 ft.) Blue
IC6-8A-60-B07 18.3m (60 ft.) Green
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