Aiphone Video Door Station

(Model # KB-DAR)
Aiphone Video Door Station
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Video Door Station allows any standard motion detector or activation device with a normally open contact to be interfaced with the KB-3MRD Video System. When the motion detector is tripped, the camera will turn on and a chime will be heard at the inside monitor station(s), indicating that there is some activity near the door station location. Also available with contacts for remote activation.
  • Compact surface mount color video door station
  • Adjust vertical angle of camera for better viewing
  • Illuminating LED's for low light conditions
  • Video images can be recorded with the KC-32EU (1 per video door station)
  • Selectively release each door with adapter (RY-3DL)
Aiphone Wire Required:
  • Use wire 871802
The KB Video Door Phone series is one of the most flexible and sophisticated video entry systems on the market. The KB Series 3 x 5 Color Video Sentry series is a video entry system with capacity for three video door stations and up to five inside monitor/ handset stations. An audio-only door station can be substituted for the third video door and it can be expanded to control up to 3 entries from 5 monitors (KB-3MRD & KB-3HRD). The system has advanced features including TILT color cameras (KB-DAR), selective or All Call intercom, audio sub station (KB-3SD) in place of monitor (max. 2 pcs), optional audio door at 3rd entry and door release control at all entries. In addition, a number of optional accessories are available, like picture memory unit (mod. KC-32EU) and vandal proof housings for camera units (mod. BAIS3 & BAIE3). The video room stations are equipped with a 4" flat color monitor. Internal communication includes selective calling with hands free reply and All Call. Audio and video door monitoring can be done from any inside station. The video door station contains a CCD chip camera with illumination LEDs for low light applications. The camera is designed with a tilt feature that allows the viewer to adjust the camera's angle upwards. Incoming calls from a door station sound a 2, 4 or 8 stroke chime. The monitor(s) come on displaying the image of the caller. The person at the inside station picks up to answer, and the visitor speaks hands free. The entry area can be monitored (audio and video) by pressing the "monitor" button on any room station, staying on for approximately 2-1/2 minutes. The door release button can be used to activate an electric door strike. To selectively release the video doors, add the RY-3DL adapter. The system's installation is surprisingly simple, as it requires only 2 twisted pairs for all functions. Coaxial cable is NOT required.


  • Up to three video door stations (KB-DAR)
  • Up to five inside stations (KB-3MRD main room station and up to four KB-3HRD sub room stations)
  • Video images from door station(s) can be recorded with the KC-32EU (1 per video door station)
  • Selective calling and All Call between inside stations
  • Hands free Audio and Video monitoring
  • Compact surface mount color video door station (KB-DAR)
  • Adjust vertical angle of camera for better viewing
  • Illuminating LED's for low light conditions
  • Selectively release each door with adapter (RY-3DL)
  • Use the following cables only:
    • Aiphone 871802, West Penn D990
    • Atlas 202-18-1-2J

Communication Network & Wiring:
System components
  • KB-DAR: Video door station
  • KB-3MRD: Master station
  • KB-3HRD: Sub master station (Max. 4 pcs)
  • KB-3SD: Sub master station (Audio only Max. 2 pcs)
  • 24V DC power supply: PS-24E
    • Install one or two KB-3SD in lieu of KB-3HRD sub master station. Wiring is exactly the same as on KB-3HRD.

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