Pryme Replacement Cable for SPM-1500 Series Microphones

(Model # MC-1500)
Pryme Replacement Cable for SPM-1500 Series Microphones

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SPM-1500 series tactical microphones are completely field repairable, which means less down time from sending the unit in for repairs. Just remove the worn out component and replace it with a new one.
SKU Connector
MC-1500-H3 SPM-1500-H3
MC-1500-H8 MC-1500-H8
MC-1500-M11 MC-1500-M11
MC-1500-M8 MC-1500-M8
MC-1500-T8 MC-1500-T8
MC-1501 SPM-1501
MC-1503 SPM-1503
MC-1510 SPM-1510
MC-1511 SPM-1511
MC-1512 SPM-1512
MC-1513 SPM-1513
MC-1520 SPM-1520
MC-1522s SPM-1522S
MC-1523 SPM-1523
MC-1527 SPM-1527
MC-1530 SPM-1530
MC-1530s SPM-1530s
MC-1532 SPM1532
MC-1533 SPM-1533
MC-1537 SPM-1537
MC-1542 SPM-1542
MC-1543 SPM-1543
MC-1547 SPM-1547
MC-1555 SPM-1555
MC-1583 SPM-1583
MC-1593 SPM-1593
MC-1599A SPM-1599A